Employee Engagement and Motivation Issue

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When it comes to motivating employees, managers must consider several points that include either financial side or psychological side. In this respect, financial side includes monetary rewards for high-quality and prompt results. On the other hand, psychological factor includes basic recognition of one’s hard work and efforts. In this situation, psychological encouragement and motivation are the best drivers for many employees since monetary aspect might stop encouraging staff after some time.

The first way to inspire and encourage employees to provide excellent results is through recognition of their efforts. As long as team members receive praise for their time and efforts, they have an incentive to perform at the highest level. Moreover, positive feedback will help employees to feel valued in their position. In this case, the employees will feel empowered and know that they play an integral part in the organization.

Another way to incentivize team members is through allowing them to stay autonomous in their choices and approaches to work. This might involve giving employees more flexibility as to from where they work, their pace of work, or schedule. In this situation, it is necessary to understand that everybody is different. While some people find it more comfortable from work, others will not be able to concentrate there. Additionally, some employees work faster, while others need to fact-check the data. If employees are not pushed, their routine is not disrupted and they are given autonomy, there are high chances of receiving better results.

Hence, monetary rewards might not always work for many people and there might be a necessity to find other approaches to incentivize employees. Here, the best motivators are those that include recognition of employees and respect of their autonomy. While recognition of team members’ effort might encourage them to provide even better results, full autonomy will allow them to work at their own pace and in the most comfortable setting.