Employee Training and Career Development

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Employees in an organization are an asset to the company, therefore it is important to train employees for an organization to develop. In the modern business era, it is important that employees of an organization be competent enough to enable them to cope with the everyday challenges that impact the company’s success. It is for these reasons that the training of employees has benefits to the organization, as we shall see in the following section below.

First, it is important to train employees in order for them to be conversant with the rapidly changing technology, this is because today’s technology is changing at a very high rate which makes its important for employees to undergo training regularly so that they are consistently updated with proper skills for quality service delivery (Vizdom, 2011). Secondly, training of employees is beneficial to the company because of the non-practical schooling system which does not virtually equip the student with the application of the essential to the job (Vizdom, 2011); as such it is essential for employees to undergo training that will equip them with the skills relevant for the job.

Thirdly, training employees is one way of motivating them to be maximally productive (Vizdom, 2011); any Company that is positive about its employees should be able to empower the employees so that they can become productive in every aspect. Furthermore, to ensure that a company is moving towards achieving its intended goals, the company should train its employees to enable them to drive this process (Vizdom, 2011).

Employee development can be achieved in many ways depending on the nature of the job (Tricia, 2000). Generally, managers have a different approach of empowering the personnel, such as through the use of training programs and on-job training done through delegating more duties and responsibilities that are intended to increase the exposure of the employee and thereby facilitate job experience. In addition to this, the manager may initiate employee training by having them trained in specific areas that have been identified as necessary so as to increase competence in the given area. One way of doing this is through regular employee assessment in addition to setting standards and goals to be achieved for each employee; this serves to set a target for employee to reach and thereby facilitate their career progression (Tricia, 2000).

Finally, once the manger sets the goals, it is important for them to then guide the employees in determining what skills to apply in undertaking their particular assignments. This facilitates the achievement of the set goals in a systematic manner that is easy, which creates a good platform on which the employees get empowered. The benefits of all these are numerous both to the organization and to the employees themselves as to its guide and build employee skills and serve to motivate them as well, among other benefits.

Employee development is a process of improving the performance of employees by way of training programs, it also entails empowering the employees and offering proper guidance to employees and enabling them to acquire the necessary competency skills necessary to do the job efficiently (Harrison, 2000). On the other hand, organization development entails issues to do with how an organization may gear up towards increasing its effectiveness and productivity through educational programs that are aimed at changing the beliefs and attitudes of any firm for better service delivery (Harrison, 2000).

As such, it is quite clear that the two concepts are interrelated; when an organization offers training and other development programs to its employees, for instance, it is in one way improving the employee’s development and also giving the organization an opportunity to develop. An example is a company that deals with manufacturing commodities like computer software; when such a company decides to train its workers on ways of improving their skills, then this can be viewed as a way of improving employees competence in their careers and hence a form of employee development. In doing this, the company is also increasing its capacity to improve on its ability since the employees will be equipped with the necessary skills that directly empower the performance of the company and hence improve the overall organizational development.

Human resource management is integral in empowering employees to attain the necessary skills needed by facilitating their training needs. This is best achieved through the offering of trainings and seminars to employees that are regularly implemented so as to empower employees (Hendry, 1995) continuously.

Additionally, the human resource department is in a position to undertake performance evaluation programs on their employees so that they are aware of the employees progress career-wise and also for purposes of planning their training needs. The importance of performance evaluation is that it determines if there is progress in terms of career progression so that it can further empower employees. It also determines if the employees have any weaknesses that affect their progression so that corrective measures can be taken that are necessary to achieve the intended results (Hendry, 1995).

Based on my personal career, I want to make positive progress that will enable me to cope with today’s changing technology. Due to technology advancement, the present world has become a global village that offers so many chances and career opportunities. For this reason, I intend to upgrade my skills and knowledge so that I can become a competent professional in my field who can be able to fit in a variety of jobs available in the market. However, the advancement in technology has also enabled people to advance their skills through various ways of learning and to access the appropriate knowledge that guarantees employee progression to another level of competence, therefore due to the available competition, I also intend to acquire training of higher levels which will enable me to be equally competitive in the job market.

On the other hand, I also plan to obtain the relevant skills and experience in my area of specialization so that I can become a creative and more innovative professional in a way that will enable me keeps rising in my career ladder. To gain more experience, I plan to be active during vocation time by undertaking job activities that are relevant to my career. By doing this, am confident that I will be rewarded with big responsibilities in the future and in the next five years I want to see myself acquire new responsibilities within my career to be a role model to other workers as I take up new responsibilities of leadership that will come as a reward of my hard work.

I am confident that the company will assist me in acquiring this status through guidance and financial support in every possible way as well as mentoring. I am also confident that the company I serve will offer me the relevant training that I require to be a competent employee. Finally, I hope to benefit from the cooperation of my fellow employees since I cannot succeed on my own; with all this assistance, I believe the company will enable me to acquire the positive changes for my career development.


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