Employees Training and Development Program

How organizations are affected by the porter’s five forces?

Threats to new entrant and the bargaining power of suppliers and customers are external factors that undermine the success of an organization by creating more challenges to the firm market structure. Competitive rivalry and substitute products are internal factors that HR manager can control by aligning the organizational goals and the aims with organizational production.

What are the importances of having an understanding of the forces that affect the organization?

An understanding of the forces that affect an organization helps HR managers in setting strategic plans and deciding on the variety of employees they should hire to the organization. In a situation where the customers have a higher bargaining power, the HR manager should consider hiring more marketing and promotion employees to increase the market share that the organization desires to hold in the market environment. Every force has a predominant effect on the organization, the act of pre-knowing the effect the force may have on the company helps the HR manager to make an effective contingency plan.

Considers the effects of EU and government legislation can have on an organization as seen in this example how can a HR professional ensure they stay up to date and comply with legislative developments

The impact created by the legal framework in the EU affects the organizations, this refers the period when the employees are on their holiday and during their working time. Employees can choose to reschedule their leave when they fall sick during vacation time. HR manager should ensure that any information and change in the legal structure is available to him. On the other hand, when HR manager is making a duty allocation program, he should provide holidays that are evenly distributed throughout the year; this reduces long holidays that the employees might take.

Examining the models mentioned above and looking at your organization that model do you think it has the most in common with and why

Best fit model is the most acceptable model to be used in an organization; the model creates a clear link between the actions of employees, organizational processes and the external market structure in organization environment.

Through the application of this model, employees are trained to ensure that they have the required skills needed to perform a particular job. Customers tend to be loyal to the organization due to the clear link that is created between the organization and the environment. The organization ensures competences due to integration of policies, practices, and organizational activities; therefore, the organization achieves the competitive advantage.

Which is the most effective model at supporting organization performance and why?

Best practice model is useful in offering support to the organization; the model aims at hiring highly skilled employees; hence the organization incurs high expenditures. Employee reward is linked to organizational performance; more performance from the employees will result in more reward. An organization that uses the best practice model will ensure that its employees enjoy an employment security. Rewards make employees work harder. Cooperation and extensive training help the organization’s employees to acquire the ability of handling complex and diverse duties, hence the reduction of status difference between employees.

How innocent smoothies illustrate its business ethics through its corporate strategy?

Business ethics are created where a company aims at generating a positive and productive working environment. People manly identify a company with its social work in the community. The method is also used in enhancing communication with the customers by being involved in the societal welfare where the company introduces its products and services to the community. The customers are expected to become familiar with the products through social activities hence the company will register increased purchases.

What are the benefits to the organization of having an organizational strategy, but could be said to be heavily influenced by the need to adhere to CSR?

Every organization has its corporate strategy to grow and develop economically; the strategy is highly influenced by the needs of the corporate social responsibility. Additionally, the CSR code ensures that supplies and the organization use the recommended standards in labour right, safety, health and environmental spheres. CSR guides the organization in the human right application within and around the firm. Additionally, the application of CSR helps the organization to ensure that the society approves and appreciates the organization in their environment. The organization will benefit the community around by the establishment and renovation of infrastructures, such as roads.

What are the threats, if any, to the success of the business in the future?

All business organizations will face many challenges and threats in their future. The threats that are faced by Innocent Smoothies include, competition in the market structure, this competition may result in decreased sales of products. With increased competition, the revenue will reduce causing a reduction in profit generated by the organization. Secondly, new entrants into the market structure make the market share decline, a company that was previously dominant in the market will become less dominant due to presence and increase of similar products in the market.

What is the aim of CSR?

CSR is aimed at looking at how firms manage their business processes with the goal of producing an overall positive effect on the society. It also seeks to align the customers and staff values with the strategy to create a long-term interest while having a better societal advantage.

How does your organization implement it?

CSR is implemented by involving the members of the society, by providing them with responsibilities in societal projects. An organization may choose to sponsor an environmental project such as tree planting, town cleaning or charity walks that directly benefit the society within which the organization is found in.

What are some of the benefits to organizations of having such a policy?

CSR helps in motivating the development of the business; it creates a platform to look at the company’s long-term interest and to guarantee that the firm’s prospect is sustainable.

Question 20: How do alignment and a company with both vertical and horizontal integrations enable it to perform effectively?

In both models, integration denotes the utilization of human resources to help with the achievement of organizational goals. This is done through initiating human resource activities that are aligned with firm objectives. Such activities include selection and recruitment, training, performance management, and reward management. The integration creates organizational performance effectiveness.

How HR can add value to different activities.

The HR department can recommend training and development program to its employees. This will improve their skills, hence adding value to the organizational activities.

How can Hr provide support in order to maintain progress

The HR department can stimulate and support progress through employee reward practices. The best-performing employees should be rewarded through promotions and other incentives. The process makes the employees more productive in their different departments and different lines of work. Due to the advancement of technology all employees should have repeated training practices that will help them always stay up to date with the prevailing skills and techniques in the market structure.

Benefits of induction as illustrated by Brightwave

Induction helps new employees to ensure that they are introduced in the organization in the most effective way. During induction, new employees are given the opportunity of familiarizing themselves with the organization. During the process the new employees are familiarized with new approaches, support and ideas on dealing with different situations within the working environment. Induction also provides the required experience and expertise which help in maximizing the use of common approaches. Training can also be offered during the induction process, training gives the employees the required skills which should be used in the job.