Entrepreneurship and Innovative Management: Personal Statement

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There is a rapid growth of global organizational concepts and elaborating innovative management strategies aimed at being as effective as possible. The swiftly growing and expanding business world of today requires resource management, both human and material, to be placed on an absolutely different dimension. The introduction of e-business in miscellaneous fields has resulted in a competitive marketplace which demands people to incessantly update their skills and knowledge in order to be relevant to today’s goals.

Adaptability, creativity, and the implementation of technology constitute a significant part of business management. Therefore, I nurtured an interest in researching entrepreneurship in order to discover its mechanisms in a dynamic world. I am convinced that during the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Syllabus, I was taught how to address and solve real business problems by implementing innovative ideas and collaborating with the entrepreneurial team. Having successfully completed the course, I developed numerous skills, including public speaking, teamwork, leadership, and proactiveness. Furthermore, I was blessed to experience internships at Louis Vuitton and Volvo Ocean Race which provided me with the interpretation of authentic leadership and dedication to the business. Having spent time in a stimulating environment taught me to elaborate ground-breaking ideas and think innovatively.

Hence, I am persuaded to do further research in business entrepreneurship and innovative management to acquire extensive knowledge in the mentioned fields. As a bachelor student, I am driven by the desire to deliver high-quality work, and I believe my experience, self-determination, and ambitions prove me to be eligible for an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Degree. I will be glad to embrace this opportunity to contribute to this field’s development and implement the knowledge I have acquired for the benefit of society.