Ethical Dilemma at Work: Company Process vs Personal Beliefs

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Conflicts and ethical dilemmas are an integral part of any group of people because of the peculiarities of interaction between them. As for me, I was also involved in several ethical dilemmas at work. The central cause of their appearance was the lack of understanding and inability to consider the position of another person. For instance, the recent ethical dilemma emerged because of the friendly relations between workers occupying different hierarchical posts. Being friends, they perfectly communicate with each other outside office hours; however, their collaboration at the workplace presupposes specific hierarchical patterns that should be observed following the existing ethics policy. This incongruity gives rise to the ethical dilemma which should be solved to ensure the further company’s evolution and avoid the aggravation of the atmosphere within the collective.

The given problem was complicated because all members of the collective were involved as they witnessed the use of inappropriate communication patterns between an employee and a chief. For this reason, it was critical to act to ensure a fast resolution of the given dilemma and avoid the further deterioration of the situation. Regarding the fact that there is a specific ethics code and politics regulating the cooperation between individuals at work and introducing hierarchical patterns, both the company process and my own ethical beliefs were followed to solve the problem. It was critical to demonstrate the inadmissible character of this conduct concerning the existing code and provide a personal perspective on the issue. It helped to make an individual reconsider his behavior and avoid using wrong behavioral patterns.