Wayside Prestige Car Wash Business and Its Functions

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The proposed Wayside Prestige Car Wash is a new business concept created to provide customized and affordable car wash service to customers. The business will offer minor service, free waxing, and tire pressure check as part of the after-sales charter. The vision of the Wayside Prestige Car Wash is to be the most customer-friendly and affordable car care center. The mission of the business is to provide creative, affordable, customer-centric, and high-quality car wash services in the shortest time possible.

The main organizational functions that will affect the Wayside Prestige Car Wash are planning actions, organizing resources, staffing structure, directing activities, and controlling systems. The element of planning actions will be instrumental in evaluating the business goals and designing short and long-term strategies. For instance, planning actions will involve drawing the marketing segmentation plan, marketing approach, and strategic management actions to ensure that the car wash business is feasible and sustainable. The element of organizing resources involves mobilization of funds and other requirements to transform the proposed concept into a tangible business. In relation to the Wayside Prestige Car Wash, the resources that should be mobilized include finance, personnel, and rental facility/machinery.

The element of staffing structure will be significant in planning the organization’s management hierarchy, allocating responsibilities, and creating a systematic labor resource system for optimal use of human capital. The Wayside Prestige Car Wash will create an organized performance monitor, remuneration calculator, and professional development systems guided by the staffing structure. Directing activities is a significant function of organizational functionality since it defines the activities and responsibilities in the execution of these plans. The Wayside Prestige Car Wash will deploy this element to supervise, motivate, and guide all business processes. Lastly, controlling systems refer to the framework used to monitor the progress or success of the business at any given time. The Wayside Prestige Car Wash will use this element to create performance achievement and performance matrices based on numbers and other projections. The element of planning activities will be most important since it involves gathering resources, creating organization structures, and transforming the idea into a practical Wayside Prestige Car Wash business.