Etisalat’s Marketing Mix and Environmental Analysis

The marketing approach embraced by an entrepreneurial company dictates its performance and success. Etisalat is one of the leading telecommunication operators in the United Arab Emirates (Etisalat: Company Profile 2016). The firm has ‘deployed numerous fixed and innovative mobile technologies thus making the UAE a leading global ICT economy’ (Etisalat: Company Profile 2016, para. 1). Etisalat’s ‘headquarters are in Abu Dhabi and serves over 11 million clients across the UAE’ (Victorino 2011, p. 4). Etisalat is ‘a leading telecom operator and provider of ICT solutions in the Gulf Cooperation Council’ (Etisalat: Company Profile 2016, para. 3). The company uses powerful marketing strategies to achieve its business potentials.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Etisalat is a successful provider of ICT solutions and mobile technologies to over 11 million customers in the UAE. This goal has been achieved using the best segmentation, positioning, and targeting strategies. The corporation understands clearly that more people are presently using mobile phones and handheld devices. The company, therefore, uses this understanding to segment the targeted population. Individuals who want to use cell-phones and mobile services can become Etisalat’s customers. Geographical segmentation is used to attract individuals living in different urban and rural areas (Victorino 2011). The firm offers customized services for persons living in remote regions.

The next issue focuses on targeting. Etisalat uses its superior technologies to target different groups. The corporation targets ‘international telecommunication companies, enterprises, individuals, mobile operators, and content providers’ (Victorino 2011, p. 29). These groups have always supported the firm’s business goals. This target market has therefore made it possible for Etisalat to offer its services to more consumers.

The company also uses powerful positioning techniques to make its brand more admirable and competitive in the market. For instance, the firm has established ‘one-stop shops whereby different customers can get the required data services’ (Victorino 2011, p. 43). As well, the company uses a wide range of promotional campaigns to inform more people about its new offerings. The firm improves its services to become more competitive.

Marketing Mix and Environmental Analysis

Marketing Mix

A powerful marketing mix defines Etisalat’s business model. To begin with, the corporation has different products that satisfy the needs of every market segment. The major products include ‘Etisalat real estate, academy, e-marine, information services, and Ebtikar card systems’ (Cole 2012, p. 29). Prices are reviewed frequently to make the organization more competitive. The concept of place is also used by the firm to remain profitable.

The company places its products in different outlet stores across the region. It operates its stores thus increasing the confidence of every potential customer. The company’s promotional strategy is achieved using various approaches. Etisalat also ensures that its products are available, convenient, and cheap (Cole 2012). It also provides quality services to its clients. The firm uses different media platforms such as newspapers, TV ads, websites, and social networks (Cole 2012).

Environmental Analysis


The UAE government supports local businesses. The region is politically stable thus supporting Etisalat’s business goals (Zhao 2014).


The UAE has ‘a positive market growth’ (Zhao 2014, p. 65). The government has simplified the country’s tax structure thus making it possible for different firms to emerge successfully. The region’s economy is also growing very fast.


More people are using mobile technologies and ICTs. Social media has simplified the process of advertising. Globalization is also encouraging more people to communicate and share ideas (Fifield 2012).


Modern technologies have presented new opportunities for companies such as Etisalat. More people are using such technologies to communicate (Zhao 2014). New technologies are making it easier for firms to offer quality mobile services.


Many companies are embracing the power of Corporate Social Responsibility (Fifield 2012). Etisalat has ‘pioneered several green initiatives such as Emirates Energy Star’ (Etisalat: Company Profile 2016, para. 4).


New laws have emerged thus dictating the performance of different companies. Consumer laws and environmental protection policies will impact the firm’s future business strategy (Zhao 2014).

Selecting, Developing, and Evaluating New Services

Etisalat is ‘a major service provider in the UAE for broadcast, internet, mobile, voice, and commercial data services’ (Katsioloudes & Hadjidakis 2013, p. 17). These products are selected and developed based on several factors. To begin with, the company has a competent research and development (R&D) team. The R&D department identifies new opportunities in the market. The identified opportunities are researched and analyzed to come up with appropriate solutions. New technologies and consumer needs are also studied whenever developing new services. The presence of a consumer need is a leading force that supports the company’s product development strategy (Etisalat: Company Profile 2016).

The nature of competition also dictates most of the new services marketed by the company. Every new service is usually aimed at addressing a specific need while at the same time dealing with competition. A powerful decision-making approach is embraced whenever designing new services. The firm also cooperates with stakeholders and consumers to identify new opportunities (Etisalat: Company Profile 2016). Existing policies are also considered to offer sustainable and legal services. This knowledge makes it possible for the firm to market its services and products.

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