Fair Leadership in Organizational Justice Framework

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Within the framework of organizational justice, it seems that the first issue that should be treated is related to Disruptive Justice. The employees do not believe that they are treated on an equal basis, and there is no fairness in the outcomes of their work. In this vein, I have to prove to the staff that their concerns do not reflect the reality and that the promotions were given fairly. In order to deal with the mentioned concerns, my first action will be to provide the unsatisfied ones with the company’s reports on the employees’ work and their overall contributions to the organizational performance.

Such an approach is closely related to Informational Justice, according to which the company should give the staff reliable information on time. Following this, I will promise the followers that starting from now. They will have the opportunity to review the firm’s official reports on promotions and incentives constantly. Then, I am to follow the provisions of Interpersonal Justice while communicating with the ones expressing concerns. During our conversations, I should demonstrate respect for their opinion, take into account their rationale, and be interested in solving the possible problem. Finally, Procedural Justice cannot be neglected; I should ensure the unsatisfied employees that I will review their situation with achievements and performance to figure out whether they were treated fairly. If any mistakes in calculations or general evaluation are identified, apologies will be expressed, and the related actions will be taken.