Harley Davidson Company’s Strategy in Five Years

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Harley Davidson is one of the top ten brands in the world. They have presence globally with a good number of dealers and retail network. They are the most important to the nation on the basis of financial earning. The logo of the company is the leading one compared to the other key players; the logo itself contributes 5% of the revenue. While having a look at the company profile and the history of the company from the origin, it is very consistent, and only increases in sales had taken place.

The financial issues of the company are fascinating, despite competition from Japanese manufacturers and also downfall in the quality of the product. The company has a strong R&D department for analyzing and developing the company’s activities, new product development to identify the right customer, and the buying behavior of the force. In the present scenario, the aim of the company is to have a large share and to have product expansion and diversification, though they had a little decline in sales due to the recession and credit losses.

The decisions by the company are much valuable, and the long-term plans are very much focused. ‘Delivering results through the focus’ is the main strategy of the company. They have clear-cut plans and ideas to put them into practice and also the methodology for proper implementation to achieve the best.

They also work on the returns, time constraints, goals, and feedback. This can have a major effect on the different kinds of target segmentation. H-D company targets the youngsters of the society, who seem to be more interested in the racing of the bikes. The high strategic vision can make them the ever-challenging organization for the entire motor vehicle industry.