Nokia: Current Strategic Issues

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Nokia faces an uphill task in availing up to date phone gargets coming with facilities that compete with other mobile service and hardware providers.

Dealing with competitors in the offering of diversified services incorporated in the phone facility

Nokia faces an uphill task in availing up to date phone gargets coming with facilities that compete with other mobile service and hardware providers. Today, mobile service and hardware provider companies are venturing in innovations and exploration of new ideas that will put them ahead of other competing companies. This is for example through availing extra features in the mobile gargets that they sell. For example, Nokia already has began venturing into offering extra services incorporated in the phone gargets such as provision of music through the CWM-Come With Music phones offer and Nokia Maps-service. iPods music-player providers and Apple’s iTunes are already providing similar services.

The innovation and product design strategy

Nokia faces issues with innovation of products that offer the best in terms of solutions to consumer challenges in the business and organizational world. Today, consumers are interested in owning and investing in technology that is on the edge and at the same time offering reliable and efficient services. At the same time, companies are putting challenge to one another in terms of competition in innovations in an attempt to control the market and therefore this means that companies will need to invest in research and development as well as implementation of new ideas and innovations.

This coupled with the fact that technology is highly dynamic and this means that in order to stay at the top, Nokia will need to invest in recent and future innovation research to both come up with new products and develop existing ideas. For the brand to succeed the nature of the product (how it is designed) is important and Nokia, like it has done in the past must continue to puzzle the competitors with new product designs that incorporates personality into it. New designed product may focus development in additional tools such as new slide mechanisms, shape, color.

Offering commodities competitive at prices

Since there are many players in the mobile phone market it is necessary to couple edge technology with affordability since competitors will be fighting in offering commodities at cheaper cost to sell more and attempt to control market. Providing edge facilities with extra features is not the only solution to continued control of the market. Nokia has five lines of products targeting different markets.

These are; Entry line which focuses on the emerging and low end markets, Achieve lines for the enterprise field comprising of the smart and E-series phones, Live and classic lines which are appeal products, and the explore line which contains the N-series phones that determine boundaries of phones (Saunders). The company must work out a strategy where the evolving and existing design-products are offered at competitive prices to avoid loss of control of market.

Partnership strategy

Nokia, like most of the organization is exploring the possibility of venturing into the market through enhancing their products with more features, by forming partnerships and agreements or deals with companies in other fields. Since Nokia offers portable gadgets that are able to be expanded in functional features to offer more comfort and solutions to the end user both in business and individual setting, it is necessary that the company looks for more cheaper ways to bringing these services to the end-user and reap benefits, that is, the gadget will be easily affordable to most consumers.

Cheaper options include collaborating with companies that have already ventured into these services since initial investments in full installations may be more costly. Future partnerships with other companies in the fields of music and maps for example may make the company realize low cost for services that it already provides. For example, Nokia has launched partnership deal with recording firms that allows them to provide music downloading services to the customer. This is also the case with map provider Lonely Planet.