Organizations and Their Responsibility to Society

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Organizations located in particular communities should contribute through socially responsible initiatives as they are responsible to their community. This is partially explained by the fact that a number of organizations are formed within their communities to accomplish particular aims set by them. It is also a frequent situation when organizations are financed by the local budgets. Thus, as such organizations are functioning being financed by their communities, it is logical that they should be responsible to them.

For example, a number of healthcare organizations are financed on a local level. With regards to this fact, it is logical that they should be responsible to their financers who apportion their funds for such organizations’ operations in their communities as it is important for people within them.

A similar situation is seen with the organizations having one of their options in environmental protection. Such organizations may be financed differently; they are not often financed locally. However, what these organizations are purposed for is often connected to the environmental issues known on a local level.

For this reason, it is logical that their operation will be more effective in case people from the local community will be able to have a certain measure of control under the functioning of these organizations, which will help to address the emerged problems more effectively as people from local communities know their problems better than anyone else. All in all, being responsible to local communities will help the organizations which are often oriented on accomplishing purposes on a regional scale to accomplish their goals and be more effective.