How Multicultural Workforce Impacts Productivity

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Determination of organizational performance

One main impact that the employees will have on the organization is determining how it will perform business-wise. This is because it is the workforce that determines if the organizational goals are being achieved or not. A workforce that is disorganized and uncooperative will also produce poor results for the organization. In my opinion, the direction of the workforce determines the direction of the organization. This is where the subject of diversity comes in. When the workforce is so diverse that working together becomes difficult, it might have negative effects on organizational performance. Thus, the organization’s management must ensure that employees are trained to work together as one irrespective of the diversity.

Source of competitive advantage for the organization

An impact that mostly goes unnoticeable is the competitive advantage that employees create for the organization concerning other organizations. With qualified and cooperative employees, an organization can compete favorably with other organizations. This is because the workforce can use their skill and knowledge to pose a challenge to the employees of other organizations. Thus, it is important for an organization to keep its workforce updated with current technology and to train them frequently.

Effect on the image of the organization to outsiders

The workforce of an organization has a very big impact on the picture of the organization as seen by the external environment or the society. This is because; outsiders mostly get to know about the organization through the employees. What the employee says about the organization to the outsiders greatly affects what the outsiders will end up concluding about the organization. In my opinion, one thing that the organization should greatly take care of is its image. Thus, the organization should make sure to treat the workforce with care because it will also be shaping its image, especially to its customers.