How Business Organizations Value Diversity

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I believe that my organization, Equity Bank, values diversity. This is because, despite many differences in religion, tribe, color, and gender, all employees are united in their service to the organization. This is shown by the fact that no employee is discriminated against because of their background or religion. Indeed, the organization values these differences and has taken advantage of them in the following ways.

Allocation of employees to distant work duties

When the organization is involved in activities such as going to the rural areas to promote information about the bank, the differences in ethnicity come in handy. This is because a person will be sent to people they can fluently converse with within their native language, which is called ‘mother tongue.’ In this way, the company can increase its customers since it does serve not only those in the urban areas but also those in rural areas.

Training of employees

The workforce has been trained on how to avoid and resolve any conflicts arising due to diversity. During this training, the workers are educated on the importance of the benefits of diversity. A good example is a conference that was held last year with a special speaker invited to talk about cultural differences. Through this, employees were able to embrace their diversity, and the following year the management reported on an improvement in the cooperation among employees.

Provision of choice and preferences

Due to the diversity in knowledge and skills, the organization offers employees an opportunity to choose jobs that match their skills. This ensures that workers are proud of their differences and can maximize their output since they enjoy doing something they enjoy. This benefits the organization at the end of the day.