HR Management and Trends Affecting It

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As companies look to reduce their spending in order to deal with the faltering global economy, there has been a need to cut costs associated with personnel in any organization. New trends have emerged that are calling for companies to change the operations of human resource management in their companies. Emerging trends like managing and increasing talent, Web 2.0 adoption among other trends have called for the changing of how HR operates in an organization.

The current global meltdown has decreased recruitment activities and increased layoffs in companies. With the world moving into technology and business-driven trends, Web 2.0 will evidently become institutionalized. Since social technologies are key in reaching the younger generation that companies want to target, we are bound to see a shift from the traditional rules of human resources to a new form using new technology. Since a high number of HR managers agree that this new trend is very important, they all concur that a lot still needs to be done to increase the process. This means that there is a need to change the traditional HR functionality to incorporate technology.

Traditionally, the definition of the workforce has meant the number of employees who are on the institution’s payroll. However, business needs have necessitated the need of following and providing for non-employees as well. This allows headcount in order to determine productivity analysis, provide security among a host of other HR-related practices. These new trends have called for human resources to become more business-oriented and be less dependent on the internal IT of the company. This is a big break from the past when the human resource was only concerned with managing records and making sure that the company complied with the set regulations. Unlike in the past, HR is becoming less dependent on the IT part of the company but are coming up with their own initiative in the technology front.