Human Resource Services and Its Users Needs

The human resources department is an essential element in the successful functioning of any organization. To get a deeper understanding of the issue, it is important to highlight the users of the HR services and their key needs. The main purpose of the paper is to explain how HR can ensure the needs of the service users, to make an accent on the advantages and disadvantages of the methods of communication with the service users, and to stress the significance of the conflict solving, good relationship, and dealing with the difficult customers.

Taking into consideration the users of the HR services, it is significant to stress that one of the users is the line managers. The line managers usually deal with the services or issues with the product. The major responsibilities of the line managers are recruitment, providing a safe environment for the employees, and giving guidance on the manufacture. One of the key needs of the line manager is the ability to supervise the manufacturing process on time.

The organization needs line managers to arrange sessions for the workers to improve their skills and abilities. The safe and friendly atmosphere of the working place is one of the fundamental duties of the line managers. There are many different people who have various religious, cultural, or social beliefs, and conflicts are likely to take place. The task of the line managers and the HR department is to eliminate the severe consequences of the conflicts and try to omit possible confrontations. However, the prolific environment is not the only need for the employees, as they also need to feel trust, respect, and motivation.

The fundamental need for the workers is to get a sense of accomplishment, reward for the well-done job, and promotion. The flexible system of bonuses will increase the motivation of the team members (Davis and Shannon, 21). Being the primary asset of any company, employees need to have the opportunity for self-development and improvement of certain skills to make progress and satisfy the needs of the corporation. The potential workers are considered to be the next type of HR users. Potential employees are essential for the organization.

The flexibility of the working schedule and the ability to work as a freelance can have a positive effect on the outcome; however, it should be pointed out that such actions should be strictly controlled as the working process should be systemized and organized. The other user of the HR services is the customer group. One of the pivotal objectives of the HR department is to get a better understanding of the needs of the customer and their preferences. It is no doubt that every customer wants to get outstanding service or product, so the needs of the client should be fulfilled by the company to get positive results. The Executive management needs the HR department to forecast the development of the projects and to provide the necessary information regarding the budget, whereas the department manager looks for help in the HR department while problems with the staff and interviewing candidates.

The HR department aims to satisfy the stated above needs of their service users. First and foremost, it should be asserted that HR helps line and department managers to organize the work with the employees, to interview the potential workers, and take an active part in recruitment. Training and development, motivation, and the establishment of a friendly atmosphere are the key objectives of the work of HR. The fulfillment of the objectives is beneficial for the employees. The workers of the HR department also try to discover the market and to understand the needs of the customers to provide them with better service and a spectrum of products. They give a hand to the executive managers in the issues regarding the budget.

To accomplish the goals of the HR department, certain methods of communication are commonly used, namely direct communication, team briefing, electronic media, online communication, and written document (Erburu 278). Direct contact is used with the line managers and is beneficial for them, as they understand the issues and needs of the workers. To provide the connection between the line managers and employees, different sessions are arranged. The major disadvantage of this method is there is no written proof that is, everything should be stated clearly and in a logic manner. The team briefing is about discussing the issues with the team but is time-consuming.

The electronic media is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to get information. The information is usually given on the website of the organization. The major disadvantage is that in the case of technical problems, the information will not reach the employees. Online communication is used to reach customers and to evaluate the market. The written document is beneficial for the freelancers and provides the necessary information regarding the company, however, is time-consuming, and mistakes cannot be eliminated.

In conclusion, it should be stressed that for the company to succeed, it should stay updated and make progress every day as the market changes and the preferences of the customers transform. To reach this goal, the managers should build and maintain a good relationship within the team, handle conflicts, and deal with difficult customers as the objective of the organization is to reach the client. Conflicts are the obstacles on the way towards prosperity, and that is, should be eliminated.

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