Importance of Performing Employees’ Background Check before Hiring

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Background check processes are essential for the HR of any company and it is important to get an access to the such information as medical reports and even credit standings. Businesses have to ascertain a candidate’s viability by checking on their criminal history, education and prior employment verifications, driving record, drug screening, professional license confirmation, and doing sexual offender registry check. This protects companies from hiring persons of a questionable character since employees’ background checks, mostly carried out by unbiased third parties, usually provide the most up-to-date and accurate information (Carmona et al., 2018). For instance, checking on a candidate’s criminal history or sexual offender registry records helps organizations ascertain whether such individual poses a threat to employees and the business. Additionally, educational verification is crucial in confirming an applicant’s professional qualifications claimed on their application.

Therefore, to avoid future threats to employees’ security, third parties, and the business, it is essential that companies carry out candidates’ background checks before hiring. To my opinion, businesses that fail to carry out such checks and hire employees recklessly should bear the consequences of negligent hiring because when an employee is part of the company and formally expresses the will of the company. According to Carmona et al. (2018), most of these checks are easy to conduct, they are less time consuming and less expensive than the possible consequences of negligent hiring. For instance, doing a criminal check on a safari tour driver is less expensive than the damage incurred by the business in case the driver performs unprofessionally while on a safari with clients. It is a common practice to do checks on candidates, and businesses today have a perfect understanding of the significance of the hiring procedure.


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