Leadership Communication Styles

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This is one of the most important aspects that determine organizational behaviour. This area is too detailed to be covered comprehensively in this report. Hence only a brief overview will be given. This is also one of the areas in which this company is lagging. It can be seen that the most serious lack of leadership is in the departmental heads, especially the manufacturing department. There are also different types of leadership styles that can be followed. The different communication styles through which one can enhance their leadership skills are Democratic, authoritarian and Laissez-Faire.

The Laissez-Faire believes that employees are well aware of their duties and the work of a leader or manager in this context is guiding and motivating whenever a need is there. A certain amount of autocracy may also be needed since the employees at this level may not do their job properly without proper supervision. Thus, in this context, it can be concluded that healthy relations between the management and the employees only can bring prosperity to the company.

Thus, the leadership system or the leadership of a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary team of professionals is not simply about trade unions and industrial relations between management and employees. In fact, it is a definition, which portrays the projection and maintenance of understanding, togetherness, and essential values and ethics as accepted by both the management and the workers of the companies. Thus, it is a managerial frame of reference, which does not easily bring itself together with companies or social positions, which are distinctively more politically influenced. Instead of all drawbacks in Leadership ideologies of management, it has numerous facilities.