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Regardless of the fact, that leadership has already been studied for more than 100 years, this concept still attracts the particular attention of researchers and practitioners as its core, functions, origin, and influence are not clearly defined. Nevertheless, it is impossible to deny the importance of leadership in the workplace and throughout the whole life. Leaders inspire and motivate people serving as role models, improve morale, offer guidance, initiate actions, instil confidence, and impact the working environment in a highly positive way. In general, a substantial number of people need guidance – that is why followers choose a person who is self-motivated, inspirational, positive, forward-thinking, and competent at the same time.

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There is a common statement that good leaders are born and not made. In general, there is no agreement concerning it, and different leadership theories focus on different perspectives. Thus, a Great-Man Theory created by Thomas Carlyle in 1847 states that “only those men who are endowed with heroic potentials could ever become the leaders” (Khan et al. 1). From a personal perspective, this theory has a rationale –there are good leaders in workplaces who motivate people and contribute to companies’ efficient performance and there are leaders who guide others generally in life. However, the greatest leaders, such as Napoleon, Hitler, or Caesar, can only be born (Khan et al. 1).

Regardless of their impact on other people, they came from different backgrounds and had different opportunities to become influential. Nevertheless, these people not only motivated, inspired, or guided others – they changed the whole course of history. Do you agree with this statement? Do you think that well-known event connected with these people would have happened anyway without their influence?

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