Learning Organization: Pixar Animation Studios

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A highly competitive business environment requires companies to develop, primarily by acquiring various innovative approaches and cultivating a conducive corporate culture. The organizations that place the learning of their employees at the cornerstone of their strategies and care for their professional growth ensure resilience against numerous internal and external challenges and organizational development. This paper aims at examining a company that can be attributed to a learning organization, namely, Pixar Animation Studios, and its adherence to Baldrige’s principles.

I have selected Pixar because this company is distinguished from others by its immense imaginative and creative potential. Since its opening animated cartoon “Toy Story” in 1995, the firm managed to develop prolonged series of favorite animation blockbusters, including A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo. Moreover, Pixar is an outstanding pioneer in computer animation and three-dimensional computer graphics, engaged in creating visual effects for films, such as “The Matrix” and “The Lord of the Rings.” The company always tries to promote the atmosphere of self-expression and the improvement of workers’ mentality.

Pixar cultivates a learning and innovative culture in several ways, allowing for its team’s comprehensive growth. First, the company provides access to its optional and required training classes on diverse disciplines and subjects (Young Entrepreneur Council, 2020). They help employees gain various skills and knowledge beneficial in specific fields. Second, Pixar encourages continuous feedback via courses for management training, workers’ sessions that teach giving feedback, and collaboration (Schmitt & Almeida, 2019). Finally, the firm created a unique system of regular gatherings where directors share their experiences and progress and urge team members to express their opinion on particular issues.

The sincere commitment to constant innovation and development is a pillar of Pixar’s success. The company does not follow specific aggressive policies towards other players in the animation industry or does not diversify tis products or services as many businesses typically do. Instead, it always focuses on fostering its employees’ multifaceted professional growth and enhancing their skills and knowledge. As a result, a solid team develops, ready for producing exciting and creative ideas and projects, winning the hearts of millions ultimately. Besides, the company cares for improving cooperation, especially between subordinates and the management. Every worker can discuss a particular intention or idea or give a hint to managers.

Baldrige’s 11 values define the management’s correct behavior and attitudes towards all organizational activities to guarantee excellent performance. For instance, the Baldrige Criteria states that the management system should consolidate all parts of the organization under the shared purpose, mission, and vision (“Core values,” n.d.). This concept also urges managers to establish high expectations for workers. In this regard, Pixar is open to new ideas, approaches, and innovations and resilient to emerging challenges and distress, retrieving valuable lessons from them. In addition, the company pursues constant improvements in personnel’s expertise and adherence to professional and corporate values and ethics (Schmitt & Almeida, 2019). Overall, Pixar’s culture entirely mirrors the key provisions of the Baldrige Criteria.

Undoubtedly, I would like to work in Pixar and be an important part of its progressive team. The primary reason for this desire is that I would obtain vast opportunities to develop various projects or, at least, make a particular contribution to the products’ development. Moreover, Pixar’s values and vision on advancement and success are close to mine, which provokes a strong stimulus to work for the company’s prosperity. On the other hand, I fully realize that, to be a member of such a team of professionals, I should possess the necessary competencies and abilities and correspond to Pixar’s requirements and criteria.


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