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Each company and organization has several methods and proposals which may help to improve working conditions, achieve better results, encourage employees, and create appropriate systems. Each worker has a chance to introduce personal ideas with the help of which his/her company may become better and more successful. The position of a human resource manager provides a person with a chance to focus on workers’ strong and weak points and understand which activities are necessary to promote success. Unfortunately, human resource managers are not always able to implement their ideas without approval that comes from the higher management body, this is why it is necessary to create a powerful proposal and explain why the chosen ideas make sense. In this paper, the plan of how it is better to promote learning organizations through adult development and training will be developed taking into consideration a realistic budget and a properly organized evaluation plan.

Description of the Organization That Is in Need of a Special Training Program

The chosen company aims at providing people with several services in the sphere of telecommunication. The employees of the company have to introduce new technologies and methods with working with the citizens as well as develop their communicative skills and knowledge on how to persuade or to help a person. To take the position of a human resource manager in the organization means to control the vast majority of the processes within the company, consider the needs of the company, improve the relations between the customers and employees, between the employees, and between the employer and employees, etc.

Though it is not an easy thing to be an HR manager, this position is very important in the company. After a thorough evaluation of the current company’s condition, I, as an HR manager of the company, realize that certain improvements are required, this is why it is reasonable to think about some investments to implement a new training program to help employees improve their knowledge, skills, and get a chance to be developed within the company’s frames. There are already several companies that understand the positive aspects of the training programs for adults to provide employees with a chance to develop their skills and improve their knowledge (Abrams and Kleiner 132). Now, it is turned for our company to think about the investments for a particular training program.

Importance of Training and Organizational Development

Some employers are not quite sure about the necessity to spend money on some training programs and additional education of the employers. Unfortunately, such an inability to define the essence of the problem leads to several challenges the vast majority of employees as well as employers may face at work. Training and organization development is an important issue to consider. It is necessary to admit the fact that when employees have been hired, certain conditions and requirements were set. With time, the requirements as well as human needs undergo considerable changes, this is why the company should encourage workers and offer an opportunity to learn more in the chosen field of work.

There are three main reasons why the training program is important for the company:

  1. It is not beneficial to hire new people unless they already hired staff is not aware of the new requirements, needs, and possibilities (and to hire the whole staff is not even rational for the company);
  2. With the help of a training program that aims at adult development, even employers can improve their level of knowledge and find more successful approaches to cooperate with people.
  3. The experience of the company’s workers may be used to define the main aspects of the programs as they may share what spheres may be learned, which skills should be improved, and which personal weakness has to be eliminated.

Description of the Training Program

The program under analysis may help many workers of the company to enhance their level of knowledge and skills. It does not take much time, still, it helps to define personal weakness and introduces hints on how to become a more powerful worker.

First, it is necessary to inform the company about the program. Several brochures widespread in the company and e-mails will inform about the place, time, and the main requirements for the meeting. Five-day classroom sessions which last 1,5 hours each will be offered. During the meeting, a specialist will communicate with the workers to understand their main challenges, evaluate possible methods, and offer ideas on how to improve their work.

Before the program, it is possible to ask the employees whether they want this program to be implemented after the working day or during the break-time not to lose the required working hours. In general, one working week is enough to implement the program.

The first meeting with the specialist is devoted to the general recognition of the problems and evaluation of the aims and methods of the program so that its participants will know what to expect.

Practical pieces of advice, aspects which deserve certain attention, and helpful tips are offered during the next three meetings. The final meeting is all about the discussions of the achievements and the worth of the program. A special certificate will be given to each participant as a sign that a person is eager to improve personal knowledge and demonstrate better skills at work.

Peculiarities of the budget for a training program

It is very important to introduce the financial aspect of the program, it’s budget.

In the company, about 50 people are taking into account the employers who take the program during the five days.

Item Cost per ($) Number of items General cost ($)
Brochures 1 50 50
Manuals 10 50 500
Certificates 1 50 50
Coordinator invited 1300 1 1300
The assistance of the coordinator 800 1 800
Rental of special equipment for the meeting 10 5 days 50
Paper for questionnaires 0,01 1000 10
Additional costs 140
Total 3000

Evaluation Plan That Should Be Implement

To define the worth of the program, it is necessary to choose several methods with the help of which the evaluation of the effectiveness of the chosen program is possible. Questionnaires turn out to be a good method, to begin with: the workers have to answer the questions about their working conditions and the challenges they usually face. Such questions will help to understand whether the program is necessary or not. The following questions may be asked:

  1. Working conditions satisfy me. Yes, More Yes than No, More No than Yes, No;
  2. I want to enhance my knowledge and skills in a particular field. Yes, More Yes than No, More No than Yes, No;
  3. I may find free time to visit the courses and benefit from the training program offered. Yes, More Yes than No, More No than Yes, No;
  4. I am ready to spend some money on the development of the program. Yes, More Yes than No, More No than Yes, No.

Oral communication with the workers will also help to understand the urgency of the program. Finally, attention to what customers of the company think about the services should be paid.

As soon as the importance of the program is proved, it is also necessary to gather information about the outcomes of the program. To define whether similar programs will be effective in the future, people should share their opinions about the courses taken. The following questions will help to realize whether adult training and development are appropriate for the company:

  1. I use the material given during the program. Yes, More Yes than No, More No than Yes, No;
  2. My knowledge and skills are considerably enhanced and I can improve my cooperation with my colleagues. Yes, More Yes than No, More No than Yes, No;
  3. I would be eager to use another attempt to improve my knowledge with time. Yes, More Yes than No, More No than Yes, No.


In general, it is not that easy to create a program and be confident in its usefulness for the company. Still, as an HR manager, I have already noticed that some improvements are obligatory for our company, this is why it is possible to find the required financial support and provide workers with learning organization through adult development and training. Not many people get a chance to learn more, and our company should give this opportunity to the employees; this is why investments in such a program will be justified.


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