Management Commitment & Safety: Reducing Workplace Accidents

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The organizational structure and employees are the main source of accomplishment and success of the company. They act as the sole players in the progress of the company. When the company gets so much from its employees, then the company should also play an important role in providing safe culture and environment to its employees.

As the Human Resource Manager of the company I work with, I believe that it is my sole duty and priority to provide a better environment and safety to the employees so that they can work with contentment and motivation to achieve their goals with the company’s management. For this purpose, I work on the Management Commitment and Safety, which highlights the ways through which the impact and ratio of the accidents could be minimized as much as possible. Management Commitment and Safety involves many factors of providing a safe and healthy environment to the employees, which communicates job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and other job-related variables as well. Apart from that, the Management Commitment to safety also highlights the measures taken down through which the ratio of accidents or sickness could be lessened in the company.

Measures which could be incorporated into the company for a safe environment are many, such as; providing training for safety rules and regulations, keeping information flow running by putting up memos, providing accessories for emergency purposes (like fire extinguishers), practicing safety drills on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, informing employees with current hazards and health issues, updating employees with the emergency contacts and emergency centers’ information, providing medical allowances in case of emergency and reimbursement programs to the employees. In this way, the company would be able to reduce the ratio of accidents by reducing accident-causing conditions and accident-causing acts.

Organizations with a willingness and commitment to providing safety culture to the employees can enjoy not only minimization in the safety-related events but also a highly increased ratio of desirable employee attitudes and behavior. The same goes with Dupont Germany, which has incorporated many security measures in the company for the safety of its employees with the help of its human resource management team and other third-party outsourced helpers.