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Effective management calls for knowledge of some skills by the managers. Management is an important element since it is necessary for any kind of organization to run smoothly and attain its goals and objectives, management concepts must be implemented. The concepts of management learnt can be applied in other areas of learning since they do not only apply to management. Effective application of these concepts puts one in a good position to handle situations effectively; this is because managers are expected to handle issues well irrespective of the challenges that may be involved. The application of management concepts in a learning experience puts one in a position to handle issues in and outside class effectively. The concept enhances the achievement of objectives and goals set.

Management concepts

According to Sharma (2006), communication skills are important elements in management. Managers should communicate well with the workers so that the operations of the company can run smoothly. In this case managers need to observe transparency when giving guidelines, through this the work gets done well. This element is applicable in the classroom situation where communication is important.

Communication in class makes it possible for the teacher to deliver while the students can share ideas without any difficulties. It is common to find a student who has good knowledge of the content but he or she cannot explain the concept orally. In management, managers are expected to learn how to communicate with the employees since as Sharma (2006) notes; these skills are not inborn since they are learnt. Communication skills are very important tools to learners since learning does not only entail lectures.

Planning is an important feature in management. Mackinnon (2003) refers to it as the foundation of management. It enables managers to determine the current state of the company and at the same time predict the future of the company. This is followed by the selection of the suitable course of action as well as its implementation so that the goals and objectives can be attained. Planning is important in many aspects of life and the learning situation is no exception. Proper planning makes it possible for students to make good use of their time, this way the learning process is enhanced through the planning process. Time management ensures that students prepare adequately for the learning process. Just like in management, a student is able to determine what needs to be done in a challenging field; this is followed by the choice of appropriate course of action on what can be done to make improvements.

Organization is a concept in management that calls for preparedness. Before the implementation of any plans, the organization should organize its resources. Through organization, the management identifies what roles to assign and to whom, this also involves the identification of departments that will be in charge of various responsibilities (Mertins & Heisig & Vorbeck 2003). Good organizational skills are important to learners as they are able to become organized. Through management concept, learners learn to organize activities within the school situation according to their plans. Organization in learners ensures that time management is observed hence time is spent wisely.

Motivation is the force that compels us to undertake an activity. Proponents of the motivational theory in education define motivation as a force in the educational system that enhances student’s learning and understanding. Management studies stress the importance of motivation for workers; students should also be motivated to work hard in their studies (Mertins & Heisig & Vorbeck (2003). Motivation for students can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Back up is an important aspect that boosts motivation; a student who attains a good grade should be motivated through giving of presents or praising him or her. Intrinsic motivation is that inner force that makes one undertake the activity, employees in a company can be self motivated to work harder to attain organizational goal especially when the working conditions are favorable, on the other hand, students can be self motivated particularly if the efforts pay off.

Team building is important in the attainment of organizational goals and objectives. Managers ought to realize that the success of the organization is dependent on all the players who take part in the operation of the organization regardless of how small their responsibility may seem. Mackinnon (2003) sees team work as the most effective means to get work done; he further notes that through team work people get to share ideas unlike when one is working alone. This is also applied in the learning situation where students get together and discuss the various topics; management studies emphasize the need for teamwork since effective completion of any task calls for teamwork. This has necessitated the need for formation of groups to discuss various topics.

The decision making process in management is important as it determines what actions need to be taken to improving the operations of the organization (Sharma 2006). The process of making decisions in any organization is carefully undertaken, this is because issues at hand have to be looked at from different perspectives, and this presents a chance to weigh the options so as to arrive at good decisions. Students borrow this concept when it comes to selecting fields of interest; they have to consider many factors before arriving at a conclusion. This is important to learners since the decisions they make now concerning their education affects their future. If they apply the guidelines of the decision making process in management, then the process will most definitely be fruitful. This is because management studies call for a lot of caution when one is making decisions.

In his book Exercise management: concepts and professional practice, Mackinnon (2003) states that discipline is an important factor in any setting, he further notes this virtue contributes a great deal to the success of any organization. The success is dependent on how disciplined the key players are, this includes those in authority. The absence of discipline interferes with the operations since employees may not take time to do a task effectively. Learners need to display discipline in the learning process, this is the initial step that can enhance interaction with others. This also plays an important role since disciplined students are honest in the way they handle their school work, a disciplined student takes the work given by the instructors seriously. This is one of the most important managerial concepts that determines how far the organization can go in as far as growth is concerned

The management elective has served an important role of teaching me important elements whose successful application enhances the learning process. The concepts have been of much help since they can be applied to learning in the same way that it can be applied in management. The application of the concepts has had positive impact on many aspects of my studies. A Concept such as teamwork is important in the teaching profession since the group member get to share ideas.


Management is an important function of any organization. Effective management plays an important role in ensuring the operations of an organization run smoothly. Concepts of management that can be applied in the learning situation include motivation, communication skills, proper planning, organization, effective decision making, teamwork and discipline. Each of these factors has implications to the learner and the environment.

An example

The instructor for the management class observes punctuality. This clearly shows that he is well organized since he plans for the lessons before to the lecture. The notes are easy to understand hence one can readily link ideas. He constantly emphasizes on the need to be organized in presenting assignments and this is one of the lessons that I have learnt from the class. One day I presented unorganized piece of work to the instructor, he was very disappointed in me since he always insisted on the need to present organized work. Today, when presenting assignments I have to ensure that the work is well organized, this is an indicator in class that I apply what was learnt. The management class is important as it has taught me the virtue of punctuality and organization; these can be applied in many aspects of life.


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