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My experience includes not only marketing but also HR. This means that I have highly developed skills in interacting with the audience in addition to working with the brand and marketing strategy. I deeply understand customer needs and know how to best present a product. Working in HR also allowed me to find a common language with colleagues, which also has a beneficial effect on the work process.

One of my key achievements is the successful implementation of the marketing strategy at Suyong Development Corp. Ltd. It was one of the biggest projects I worked on and the result was successful. In the course of my work, I managed a marketing budget of over $858,000 and developed new marketing materials for the organization. In addition, I ran social media campaigns and successfully coordinated with sales and technical departments.

I am currently looking for a position as Head of Marketing. I would be interested in applying my marketing experience to a new organization and find a new approach to the audience. This would be an amazing chance to learn more about marketing and participate in a project development. I am currently studying for the Business Career Program at CSI (Chicago, Il). This education helps me develop leadership skills and immerse myself in the details of marketing and customer service.

One of my key hard skills is creating marketing and branding strategies and strategic decision-making. In addition, I have advanced analytical skills such as report analysis and database management. I am a strong team player, and I try to find an approach to the whole team. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to talk to you and learn about career opportunities in your company.