My Ideal Job: Chief Executive Officer

After graduating from university, some people decide to work in an industry that is not directly related to their field of study. Whereas it might be suitable for someone, I would like to be a part of the industry I chose to study. I believe that by the end of my studies, my university will have provided me with sufficient basic knowledge of the field and that I possess the characteristics necessary for the position I would like to occupy.

So, my perfect job would be as a chief executive officer of an insurance company. According to De Weert, a CEO of an insurance company is responsible for “everything that happens in a company” (32). Trammell supplies a more detailed insight into the job, stating that the key responsibilities of any CEO include: formulating and implementing the company’s general strategy; balancing the two main types of resources (HR and capital); being involved in creating the firm’s organizational culture; making important decisions related to all the business’ departments; and overseeing the general performance of the company, balancing the expectations of internal personnel and external stakeholders (par. 5-15).

I believe that such courses as “Principles of Insurance” (basic information about insurance as a type of business and different kinds of insurance), “Risk Management” (theory of insurance, the study of the industry of commercial insurance), and “Life and Health Insurance” (detailed consideration of the two kinds of insurance) will prove indispensable in my job as a CEO of an insurance business. General education courses on mathematics (needed for quantitative analysis and calculations necessary for the insurance business) and social sciences (enabling me to understand the general structure of society and giving some insights into HR studies) will also be essential for the position. Although graduate studies will prove useful for such a position, I believe that my current program will provide me with a sufficient basis for the work.

An internship in an insurance company would be a good start of my career, for it would allow me to relate the theory I have learned at university to the practice of a company’s functioning, laying the practical foundation for the future job. I believe that an internship in a bank would also prove useful, for both these businesses are related to finance, and I could learn essentials that are useful in both types of companies.

I also think that I possess some important skills that will help me to succeed in this work. For instance, the skill of expressing myself and communicating my thoughts easily will be useful when formulating the company’s general strategy, and while dealing with different departments of the firm and balancing their communication. I am also strong at calculating various scenarios of how things might unfold, which will help me while considering the company’s strategy.

Some of my traits of character will also prove indispensable in this position. For instance, the earnest attitude to making decisions will be of the essence, as one of the CEO’s key responsibilities is decision-making. My being friendly and sociable will help me to succeed in this work as well, for it means that I will be able to build good relationships with the people I will work with, which will be useful while balancing the human resources of the company.

Therefore, I believe that I will become a suitable candidate for the position of a CEO of an insurance company. The completion of the program in Business Administration related to insurance and financial industries will provide me with the intellectual tools necessary for the job, and some of my strengths and traits of character will facilitate my working process.

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