Online Buzz Monitoring in Business

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Mediatoolkit is a professional tool for monitoring, analyzing, and managing reputation in social networks, which allows one to use all the possibilities of social media to promote and develop one’s business. Mediatoolkit monitors a large number of sources and sites, including social and web resources. Such sources of information include websites monitoring, Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube, VKontakte, Tripadvisor, forums, blogs, and comments (Mediatoolkit, 2021a). Mediatoolkit allows one to find messages about a specific company, automatically sort them and display them in a convenient interface, generate reports, receive notifications, and build various analytics.

One of the projects for Mediatoolkit was the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. This is the city that claims to be called Smart City. In this regard, the service helped to gather public opinion to ensure quick reaction in crises. Additionally, an internal development strategy is important for the city (Mediatoolkit, 2021b). For sustainable development, information was needed both in the opinion of residents and tourists. This is what the Mediatoolkit service helped with by utilizing the data collection and analytics instruments.

In conclusion, social media is gaining popularity every year and all information that appears in this area can be tracked. The buzz tracking service can be used by businesses to analyze messages, round-the-clock monitoring of the most popular media resources, targeting by sociodemographic characteristics, and generate reports. Thousands of users from blogs and social networks discuss people, companies, or products, and share their impressions and disappointments. Buzz monitoring allows for timely receive and analysis of each of the relevant reviews about a specific business on the Internet. The introduction of such a tool can allow a business to achieve maximum results in identifying the target audience, understanding it, and its response to a product or service in terms of brands, products, and media.


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