Social Responsibility in Business

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Social responsibility is a crucially important aspect of contemporary business. Today, companies are expected to deliver high-quality products and services and act in the best interest of their community, environment, and society as a whole. For example, SaltWater Brewery, a small Florida-based brewery, introduced a six-pack with edible beer rings that animals can safely consume (Galanty). If other companies utilize this idea together, they can contribute substantially to alleviating the plastic pollution of the planet’s waterways. Similarly, the New Belgium Brewery set the price of a Fat Tire six-pack to $100 for International Beer Day in order to bring awareness to the problem of climate change (CBS Denver). The company CEO Steve Fechheimer states that the high price is meant to reflect the environmental crisis that makes critical ingredients unavailable to the brewery and other businesses in the food and drinks industry (CBS Denver). Thus, the one-day special cost reflects a potential future price hike due to climate change adversely affecting the growing season and locations.

Many other socially responsible companies aim to contribute to protecting the environment. For instance, Rock Naturals is a company that produces cruelty-free, vegan toothpaste in biodegradable packaging (Morgan). As toothpaste is a product used by people worldwide daily, biodegradable tubes can help manage the plastic pollution crisis the planet faces. Similarly, the Welsh Battle Green venture offers customers tooth powder in glass jars with refills delivered in a paper pouch to avoid plastic pollution (Battle Green). The company also produces other zero-waste household and personal care products, refuses to use plastic in its packaging, and advocates for conscious living. In addition, ARKET clothing company approaches the issues of plastic pollution by using recycled polyester, a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, in its designs (ARKET). Overall, many contemporary companies focus on being socially responsible and actively addressing environmental problems.

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