Gender Diversity and Balance in Companies

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Evidence shows that gender diversity is one of the aspects of corporate behavior that improves performance and leads to positive outcomes for businesses that engage in such practices. According to the second speaker, diversity does not seem to be helpful on corporate boards because the notion is separate from the concept of inclusion. However, a company that aims to be equal in opportunities and diverse in terms of gender will make inclusion one of its priorities. While the second speaker argues that diversity without inclusion is meaningless, it is fair to say that inclusion without diversity is redundant. This suggests that companies that are eager to be diverse have made the first step, and inclusion will follow.

Diversity is an aspect of corporate ethics and behavior that has the potential to be beneficial in terms of performance. Women have overall better academic performances, which illustrates the intelligence and skills that corporate boards can benefit from. Moreover, it is always essential to have various points of view and characters within a professional setting, which is why women’s capacities mixed with knowledge and skills can become a key factor in organizational performance. Organizational diversity is also often linked to innovation, which is one of the key performance enhancements within organizational settings. A company that wants positive outcomes regarding effectiveness and financial gains has to consider diversity as a component of beneficial improvements.

There are several examples of peer-reviewed studies and articles that suggest diversification is helpful in terms of outcomes. According to McCann et al. (2017), companies interested in diversification are more likely to receive positive financial benefits. The study took into consideration multiple aspects such as race, nationality, culture, and gender. Moreover, Mir-Babayev et al. (2017) observed a correlation between cultural diversity and innovation. The research shows that culturally diverse companies are more productive in terms of innovation, which then increases the overall outcomes in terms of financial effectiveness and productivity.

The fact that research shows diversity on corporate boards can show positive implications in regard to organizational performance proves that a more balanced and equal workforce is essential.


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