Patagonia: Analysis of Team Processes

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Patagonia’s social compliance program has made the company an attractive place to work. To begin with, Patagonia is an organization that cares for a healthy environment in the working teams. For example, the company has organized unconventional meetings in locations like mountains to make its employees closer and create a family atmosphere (Patagonia, Inc.: Assessment for reaccreditation of the company’s social compliance program, 2017). Moreover, Patagonia has provided its workers with organic nutrition options to emphasize its value for the well-being of the staff. The social care paradigm of the organization is also reflected in its undertaking to establish not only maternity but paternity leave as well (Patagonia, 2017). These working conditions motivate the employees to be loyal to the company and increase their desire to collaborate with their colleagues, making Patagonia a place where everyone is happy to work.

Furthermore, the team process has been significantly enhanced by Patagonia by guaranteeing workers’ voices and engagement. It is referred to as an increase in the awareness of workers about their functions’ importance to the company’s operation process. It is done by systematic engagement with trade unions at Patagonia factories (Patagonia, 2017). The process is complemented by discussing labor-related issues with union representatives. Finally, Patagonia is intended to address all the compensation issues in the supply chain (Reinhardt et al., 2010). For this purpose, an internal Living Wage Task Force is established, and participation in the Practitioner’s Working Groups is ensured to develop implementation strategies and facilitate wage data analysis. Thus, the company has created a democratic working environment that encourages the employees to partake in the enhancement of Patagonia on a large scale.


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