Operations Management and Productivity at Hard Rock Cafe

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Operations management is the sphere of activity of every business company that aims at fast and proper development. Operations management helps the company realize its goals and take practical steps to achieve them. Hard Rock Café is one of the examples of successful operations management because the ten critical decisions of the latter (Heizer and Render, 2001) prove to be ultimately correct in Hard Rock Café.

First of all, the issue of service and product design is treated carefully in the Café as managers change the menus and the very assortment of goods and services offered following the changing tastes of the Café’s customers. Quality management is carried out through surveys assessing the quality of products and services with a 1 – 7 scale. Any result except seven is considered a quality failure that demands an urgent improvement (Hard Rock, 2009).

Understanding the customers’ changing tastes, Hard Rock Café introduces new service processes and considers the capacities needed for their implementation. For example, the greater focus on live music makes the operations managers modify the interior of the Café and equip it with all the necessary things for live performances. The location of the Café has also changed over time. Nowadays, it is located at the Universal Studios in Orlando, which allows Hard Rock to serve over 3,500 meals a day for the tourists and customers of the studio. The layout design is carried out with an emphasis on the widening scope of the Hard Rock family.

Formerly a café, nowadays Hard Rock includes a set of cafés and restaurants, retail stores, museums, etc. Retail trade brings over 48% of the annual revenue is developed with great care. Job design is also properly organized as employees are not only professional but inspired by Hard Rock family values and love of music. They work within 15-minute intervals to meet customers’ needs at the highest level. Supply chain and inventory management are also at the proper level at Hard Rock Café.

The café copes with the task of serving over 100,000 meals daily around the US and modifies the variety of products it offers and the scope of services the clients can obtain. Scheduling and maintenance are taken care of as employees work in shifts to provide higher productivity and better customer satisfaction in the café’s maintenance services (Hard Rock, 2009).

Having considered the major operations management decisions, it is now possible to determine the kitchen’s productivity and wait for staff at the Hard Rock Café. To calculate productivity, we should use the labor productivity formula. According to the procedure, will calculate the kitchen’s productivity and wait for staff similarly as they work the same amount of hours and cook or serve the same number of meals:

Operations Management and Productivity at Hard Rock Cafe

Thus, the proper performance of the operations management (Gerhard, 2002) and the high productivity of the kitchen and wait staff of the Hard Rock Café are the factors of its worldwide success.


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