Organizations’ Considerations After Technology Changes

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Companies should introduce new technologies if those technologies are being taken up by other firms and if it has been ascertained that they are relevant to that particular firm’s mission. For example, if a company website is altered to make it more animated through Macromedia flash, only a few individuals will have the privilege of viewing it. Others may not have the software needed to do so on the computers and may have to download it. This eventually slows down the viewership and may act as an obstacle to a company’s business objectives. It would be wrong to make a technology change for reconfiguring a company website using this route; a corporation would be better off making another change. In this regard, companies need to think of what they want to achieve and then instate technology change.

Organizations need to keep in mind that their business environments are competitive and that most of them will adopt various technologies to keep up. Firms need to know what is happening around them regarding technology. They should read publications that can raise their awareness of these trends. If they seem to be lacking on any one of those trends, then it is time for technology change in the organization. New technologies may be discussed in publications, but in order to predict possible trends, companies need to watch out for market leaders like Microsoft. Such firms have the capacity to shape technology trends even if their innovations are not very applicable.

Timing is a critical part of instating technology change. Companies need to avoid moving too fast or too slowly. If an organization is the first to use a certain technology, then the chances are that numerous resources may be used to make it work. Furthermore, other competitors may produce a more practical application, and this may render the technology irrelevant. Conversely, firms need to avoid waiting too long to implement a particular technology change because others may already have made the technology part of their operations and could have garnered a competitive advantage because of it. The best bet would be to look at the level of development that the technology has attained. The right time would probably be when stakeholders have standardized it or when influential parties have adopted it. Corporations should only start making that change when they have ensured that they possess the right technical know-how or support needed to make the technology work. This would be the best time to start.