Personal Leadership Style, Strengths and Weaknesses

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My leadership style is the Democratic leadership style. Democratic leadership is a leadership style where the manager shares responsibilities with the subordinates. The leadership style is one of the most effective styles in the world, especially in the 21st century where people are quite knowledgeable. The first characteristic of democratic leadership is the ability to delegate authority. In this leadership style, the leader does not possess all the authority to run every transaction; rather, leaders share responsibilities within the group to enhance efficiency in operations.

Secondly, a democratic leader is a team player. Democratic leaders do not give orders; rather, they encourage people to join them in carrying out certain activities. Democratic leaders prefer that their subordinates love them rather than fear them, which makes the leadership process a relationship. Democratic leadership also involves continual consultancy within the group to ensure that people do not deviate from the original plan. Teamwork is the backbone of democratic leadership, which makes the style ideal for the modern world.

For effective leadership, one must know their strengths and weaknesses. As a leader, I have certain strengths and weaknesses. I like assisting people to realize their potential, and that gives me an opportunity to develop strong relationships with my juniors. I am able to inspire people to do things in a certain way, which is an ideal leadership tactic. On the other hand, I give up quite easily. I do not have the patience to follow up on slow processes, which is detrimental to my leadership capabilities. A few of my colleagues have talked to me about my weaknesses, and my response was to start finding ways in which I can overcome such weaknesses.