Project Manager’s Leadership Style

How has your approach to and the concept of your own leadership style evolved as a result of your study in this course?

Overall, my studies have enabled me to gain better insight into the duties of leaders. In this case, one should focus on the responsibilities of the followers and colleagues. Additionally, I learned about the ways in which motivational strategies should be used. This knowledge is necessary for introducing new initiatives and encouraging other people to accept them. Moreover, I came to the conclusion that leaders could better exercise their influence by using their expert power and ethical integrity.

These qualities are critical for shaping the values and attitudes of other individuals. Furthermore, my studies helped me assess the strengths and weaknesses of different leadership styles. This knowledge can help me avoid many mistakes such as excessive supervision of workers or the failure to delegate authority. These errors may prevent me from becoming a successful leader.

What specific tools, principles, and leadership theories have influenced and/or shaped your professional development plan?

My professional development plan was shaped by the principles included in transformational leadership. In particular, it is possible to mention the assumption according to which leaders should act as role models for their followers (Yang, Wu & Huang 2013). For instance, they should demonstrate professionalism, responsibility, ethical integrity, and responsiveness. In this way, they can better motivate colleagues, business partners, or employees. Additionally, other people will try to emulate their behavior. Thus, transformational leadership is the most productive approach.

Moreover, one should not rely on the coercive power that is closely related to the use of punishments or fines. This approach does not usually help people who want to play leadership roles. Instead, an individual’s authority should be based on expertise. Overall, the principles of this leadership theory are reflected in the statements included in my professional development plan. Furthermore, my further studies will be shaped by these ideas. Additionally, this method will impact my workplace activities. So, this framework has profoundly influenced my understanding of leadership.

What tools, principles, and leadership theories will you implement in your current professional position?

My current activities will be affected by the principles of transformational leadership. It is necessary to focus on expert power or in-depth knowledge. This attribute can help a person become a role model. Furthermore, such individuals can influence the development of businesses or organizations. As a rule, leaders, who have these skills, can set higher expectations for other followers. Moreover, this quality will contribute to my professional growth. So, expert power will be the main priority for me. Apart from that, I will pay attention to my communicative and motivational skills that will help me affect the behavior of other individuals.

What impact will the concepts learned and goals identified in this course have on the decisions you will make as a dynamic leader and/or manager in the future?

The concepts that were examined during this course will considerably shape my behavior as a leader. In particular, I will try to empower employees who will work with me. These people should be encouraged to take the initiative. In many cases, the recommendations offered by these individuals can significantly improve the work of an organization. Additionally, I will never try to shift responsibility for my mistake with other people.

In my opinion, this behavior can entirely undermine the credibility of a leader. Furthermore, I will not adopt the autocratic style of leadership because this approach can result in conflicts between workers and managers. Additionally, authoritarian leaders cannot easily gain the support of employees. Thus, these principles will determine many of my choices. Overall, my primary task is to follow the ethical standards that I may set for other individuals. It is one of the prerequisites for a successful leader.


Yang, L, Wu, K & Huang, C 2013, ‘Validation of a model measuring the effect of a project manager’s leadership style on project performance’, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 271-280.