Promoting a Healthier Work Environment

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The most important tasks at the present stage of the development of American society are the preservation and growth of the population, improving the quality of human capital. The low life expectancy of the population is formed mainly due to the super-mortality of the population of working age. Against the background of the strengthening of the human factor in socio-economic development, it is necessary to pay more attention to the state of health of the population, especially its working part. It is extremely important to take into account the possibilities and features of health saving of medical personnel in the workplace.

Facility For the Healthy Work Environment

There are many facilities for the healthy work environment in RHR subacute and a Covid recovered facility. Since the presence of employees in the hospital is inevitable, it is necessary to provide them with flexible working hours. Without fixing the start and end times of the working day, you can help employees avoid traveling on crowded public transport. It is also worth organizing meals and employee breaks in a staggered order to prevent cross-infection. In addition, at the micro-level of the hospital, it is necessary to strengthen sanitary measures in the workplace.

Best Practices for Promoting a Healthier Work Environment

The work of the at RHR subacute and a Covid recovery facility carries possible health risks, since in these spaces there may be closer contact with a large number of infected people. There is also an increasing need for more frequent disinfection of medical equipment that is not tied to a specific employee. According to scientists, a properly designed disinfection system and high-quality cleaning provide better protection for medical staff (Fabio, 2017). This is also due to the fact that employees develop a habit of cleanliness rules in the workplace, since the policy of a clean workplace is fundamental in the strategy of organizing the work of doctors.


The engaging of employees in a healthier work environment in the company is carried out with the help of a detailed briefing of medical workers of the company and an explanation of the consequences that non-compliance with the rules may cause. Employees must fulfill the scope of responsibilities for the organization of workplace safety in full, and during the pandemic, they must also perform tasks that are more difficult than the established ones. At the same time, personal qualities, the ability to work in a team, to establish good relations with colleagues come to the fore.


There are several ways to maintain a healthier work environment at THE subacute and an Ovid recovered facility. A commission consisting of the heads of the department where medical staff work, as well as full-time psychologists monitor the employee’s compliance with the established rules. In addition, with the help of testing, employees ‘ knowledge of safety techniques when working with Covid patients is checked.


Advocating a healthier work environment at RHR subacute and a Covid recovered facility can take place through the involvement of the media. Mass propaganda work is carried out in the occupational safety offices available in the medical organization. The office serves as a methodological center, is used for carrying out an extensive set of measures aimed at compliance with safety regulations. Training, instruction, seminars, meetings, lectures, and other events are held here that can attract employees to actions to improve working conditions.


The task of creating an innovative economy in the conditions of demographic problems and progressive labor sufficiency requires a significant increase in attention to the health of medical workers. It is necessary to organize the support of the population in accordance with the peculiarities of medical labor activity in the field of protecting the health of citizens at the workplace. It is necessary to competently organize interaction on issues of public health protection between the state, scientific institutions and media centers. At the same time, each of the parties would participate in the development of new approaches and would receive prompt information about changes and trends.


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