Purpose and Mission of a Project Management Office

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A project management office is a department within an institution with the aim of maintaining the standards that are directly related to project management in a specified organization. The mission of the project management office is to set standards and provide new economies that are vital in the process of the projects that are currently being performed within an organization. The purpose of this office is to provide leadership in management, expertise in different Information Technology fields, and experience. It is also having the purpose of training project team members for the period of planning throughout the project. In addition, it provides guidance to the implementation of projects right from start to completion. The success of the project management depends on the level of maintaining the alignments on projects towards achieving the strategic goals and mission of an institution. In this case, a University is an excellent example. This is regardless of the objectives of the project.

The importance of incorporating a project management office that has considerable practices as well as standards ensures consistency. This makes it easier to apply effectively and in a scalable way across various sizes of projects. The vision of this office is to maintain the best practices as well as standard methodologies incorporated into a project management discipline of the institution. This office plays a crucial role in providing a framework that defines the future projects that are to be undertaken by the university or department. This is because there is no single organization that will allow for the depletion of the same projects that are not of importance to the organization.