Safety in the Workplace Environment

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For a safe workplace environment, it is necessary to provide constant employee feedback, eventually creating a set of safety rules and an entire culture. It will ensure the trust of employees in superiors and colleagues among themselves (Cross, 2022). In addition, in such a company, the bosses are critical of their work and are constantly improving, experimenting with innovations, but at the same time appreciating the comfort of employees.

Employees should openly declare the presence of chronic diseases. The last two years have forced the business to change towards remote processes, so some workers should be offered permanent or temporary remote work. For example, people with seasonal allergies (for example, to pollen) can take advantage of this opportunity by staying at home for several weeks or months. A lot of diseases force people to be confined to the house. At the same time, with the development of information technology, now there are a lot of opportunities not to lose such specialists

Workers who do not suffer from diseases should also receive care at the workplace. Few people know, but the notorious quarrels in offices over air conditioners are caused by the fact that 77°F (the standard temperature in air conditioners) is a low temperature for women, but at the same time comfortable for men (Schmidt, 2020). It is caused by slower metabolism in the body of women compared to men. The working environment should be adequate and comfortable for all, regardless of gender, and offices can be equipped so that some rooms are better ventilated and some are blacked out with curtains. Employees must be involved in these ergonomic moments and have a voice and an opportunity for discussion. A separate issue is providing sites and special days for outdoor activities. In companies with a developed safety culture, employees often spend time outdoors: travel, paintball, and active quests searching for items based on their favorite games and films. Thus, the fundamental basis for worker safety is a strong culture, which develops due primarily to the spirited discussions of workers and open statements about comfort, discomfort, and danger.


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