Security Problems When Doing Business on the Internet

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Security Problems

Unprotected Systems: Hackers now have access to software tools are they are constantly searching for computer systems that do not have protection. Once they discover and identify, such systems can be easily hacked and their networks can be easily damaged. They control such systems and then use them to control and operate and control other networks.

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Computer Security Threats: The authors of spyware are continuously creating viruses and programs that cannot be easily removed. Instead, they retain their existence in the computer, mutate and spread themselves across the internet in few minutes. Similarly, some threats are blended in such a way that they can be hardly ignored and can take the form of multiple viruses to destruct the system in numerous ways.

Threats From Within: Security breaches often come from within the organization and no outside source is involved. This can happen either intentionally or unintentionally. For instance, an employee might become the source of the virus, this can happen while playing a game on the internet or visiting a website. This usually happens in the lower business levels where the security precautions are not that efficient.

Technology Solutions

Assess Your Needs: The company should be aware of its security systems and whether they are updated or not. It should be fully aware of the internet security systems vs. the ones they require. Sometimes small businesses can’t maintain such security standards. In this case, the local area network can play a significant role i.e. LAN normally has routers that contain a built-in firewall security system. This can block the people who might interfere in the network settings and systems. The computers should be provided with the latest spyware and hardware and software antivirus and firewall. The firewalls and viruses should be updated regularly to block current threats that continuously come through the internet. (Fay, 1999)

Credit Card Payments

A credit card is one of the systems of payments whish is named after the cardholder. It enables the user to purchase goods and services provided that he pays for them according to the promise he makes. The person who issues the card awards the user and from this, the user can borrow a particular amount of money to pay to a merchant or the user can also be granted money in cash in advance. After the provider of the credit has approved the account, the credit card can be issued and used. The credit cardholder can then use it to make payments to the merchants who accept this card for the services they provide.

The systems of verification are used by the merchants of e-commerce who keep a check on the validity of the card and see if the card is in the condition to accept the charge. For this, the credit card holder is required to provide information to the merchants by providing their security codes and in some cases, the address of the cardholder is required. (Stephen, 2006)

Digital Payment Systems

Digi Cash

Digi Cash software is downloaded by the consumer to run the digital wallet and opens an account with the local imprint. The user can create some Coins which are signed by the mint. These coins can be exchanged by the wallets with the help of the IP protocol; the coins are sent to the consumer either through text or electronic mail.

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Cyber Coin

It is a system that makes use of public-key cryptography to control credit cards on the internet. The credit card is enrolled with the credit card and the cybercash software is downloaded to use this system. (Derek, 1999)

Benefits of Marketing and Communicating Online from Marketing Point of View

Benefits of Online Marketing

A strong relationship is built between the consumers and the marketers. They can interact with each other and this way the companies can learn more about the customers’ needs and this way they can enhance their operations. The costs can be reduced and in turn, the efficiencies can be increased; instead of printing and mailing the catalogs, they can be displayed online. It offers greater flexibility; the prices that are printed on the catalogs remain fixed whereas if they are online, they can be adjusted on a daily or even hourly basis. Promos can also be updated keeping in view the changing market trends.

Benefits of Online Communication

The benefits of online communication from a marketing point of view are that the consumers and the companies can remain in touch any time they want to and the responses are quick and precise. If a consumer has a query, he can log on to the site and get them answered as soon as possible. Secondly, it is much easier and less time taking to get in touch with loyal customers in case the company has to launch a new product and inform them about it. This can be done through e-mails; this way of communication is quick, hardly takes time and companies can be sure that the consumers have received the messages.

Internet Marketing Technologies

Blog Design and Business Blog Coaching

Blogs are quite common in the business world since they provide opportunities to companies to increase their skill, visibility and it also increases their optimization for search engines. The clients and customers are allowed to view the new products and the benefits that are offered along with them, it also gives them information about the products and the chance to communicate with the company directly.

Internet Video Production

Video on the internet provides an opportunity for companies to market their product in a manner that no other source can. Internet video can include views and testimonials of potential customers and clients, the history of the company, or even videos which contain information. These videos create a direct connection between the company and the customers and it also differentiates it from its rivals.

E-mail Marketing and E Letter Campaigns

These programs offer the touchpoints of customers, the incentives of customers, and marketing at a cost-effective price. E-mail marketing can be built which can build the brand, enables the company to stay in front of the clients helps in the improvement of conversions. This makes sure that the email marketing tools are managed at best and tracked simultaneously. They can even be managed by the consumers themselves.


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