Solopreneurs Strategies for Developing Soft Skills

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Usually, when we talk about projects and project management, we represent a large team, where each employee has clearly defined responsibilities and stances in the system. In 2021, in the era of the Internet and various assistive technologies, solopreneurship was gaining more and more popularity. Independent charge of the workflow and all process details has many privileges, but it does not indicate the need to stop working on soft skills and executive presence. Any project involves communication with customers, competitors, and potential partners, which requires special skills.

The article presents ten efficient strategies from professional experts for acknowledged growth as a solopreneur. The strategies suggested explain how to build a personal brand, communicate it professionally, and develop conversation opportunities. Some tips are specifically aimed at training voice and body language in a project and personal communication. The article raises relevant topics of developing confidence, representation, the search for inspiration, and its inclusion in behavior and appearance. During Covid, it is important to pay attention to online negotiations and correspondence, considering the forced physical distancing from people. The article can assist in telecommuting and internet searches where verbal skills, facial expressions, and certain body gestures play an extensive role. The knowledge gained can be applied in professional and personal correspondence with employees and partners, where it is important to establish the position and show an example of organized work. It is especially important to develop soft skills in a period of high competition at all platforms, where the client will turn to the most professional representative of the field. This topic can be beneficial due to the continuously growing popularity of personal brands and the need for continuous improvement of executive presence.


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