Starbucks Corporation: Reasons for the Success

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Examples of successful companies always inspire researchers who need to understand such popularity. In this regard, the world’s largest company, Starbucks Corporation, was chosen to analyze the strategy in the consumer market. Starbucks is the largest chain of coffee establishments globally, located in more than 65 countries. Every day, a new Starbucks Cafe opens somewhere in the world. The company is going through a period of exceptionally high development rates. Starbucks coffee shops are so popular and profitable that they can afford many things. For example, Starbucks can rent a room for its cafes for only $ 1 per year. The fact is that Starbucks is an “anchor” brand. Renting a Starbucks room in the most impassable place for only $ 1 will provide a large influx of potential customers. They will increase the passability and, consequently, the whole place’s profitability. This work aims to understand the valid reasons for the success of Starbucks.

Consider Starbucks’s invisible but essential corporate standards, which form the institution’s atmosphere. The front door in all Starbucks coffee shops faces east or south but north (Martin, 2021). It is done so that visitors can enjoy the daylight, but the sun does not shine directly in their faces. Individual attitude to customers is expressed in addressing customers by name when receiving a drink. It would seem that it is a trifle, but such nuances form the iconic image of Starbucks. People are captivated by the personal attitude of the brand, even such an artless one.

Another detail is that the client does not burn his hands with a shot glass a drink. Many years ago, Starbucks came up with the idea of putting a unique ring made of corrugated cardboard on glasses. Then the corporate position of everything for the environment suggested a new solution that also works against competitors (Inspire Yourself, 2020). When buying coffee, the customer can choose a free corrugated cardboard ring or a beautiful polyurethane ring with the Starbucks logo with a small surcharge. It does not matter whether coffee is bought at Starbucks or not, but the logo of this iconic chain will be on the glass. A successful competitive move is an excellent example of caring for customers and the environment.

Any concept applicable in business, even if it is very successful, becomes obsolete over time, and tomorrow there is a new trend that is more relevant and more in demand. In strategy, Howard Schultz (founder of Starbucks) constantly reacted to changes followed by innovations. Interestingly, he first started selling coffee over the Internet, increasing his company’s profit. Currently, the promotion of Starbucks is mainly through Internet sites, as modern people follow trends through various Internet resources (Conner et al., 2021). The social media positioning strategy makes Starbucks an even more popular and recognizable brand. The analysis of the marketing mix used by the company in the markets of the USA, Japan, and Russia revealed differences. Starbucks often adapts its product line to a specific market, taking differences in consumer preferences into account.

Starbucks has a strong brand image, which is also a source of sustained competitive advantage. It is known worldwide as an ethical and responsible brand of premium coffee. Brand image has played an essential role in the profitable growth of Starbucks. Its strong image is also a result of its focus on quality and customer service. The company ethically buys products only from the most responsible coffee farmers. It also manages a large and robust supply chain to supply quality coffee. He follows ethical standards in most business areas, including human resources management, customer service, and supply chain management. Customer satisfaction at a high level is a sign of substantial brand capital.


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