Strategies to a Comprehensive OD Intervention

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Some of the strategies that are integral to a comprehensive OD intervention include Walson’s approach to third-party peacemaking, principled negotiations method, and two-person conflict management design (French & Bell, 1999). If this writer were to lead an OD intervention to solve a conflict without having any prior experiences with the practice, they would likely implement the principled negotiations method. First, Walson’s approach is not as intuitive when compared to the chosen method. Second, the two-person conflict management design requires a skilled negotiator, which is something a person with no experience would not be (French & Bell, 1999).

The principled negotiations method focuses on separating people from the problem, achieving an impersonal and impartial view on the matter. Its focus on interests rather than positions helps remove the adversarial aspect from the negotiation (Hak & Sanders, 2018). It generates a variety of options, which increases the chances of finding common ground. Finally, it seeks an objective standard of measuring success, in order to decide on the correct option (Hak & Sanders, 2018). All of these steps would help move the problem from a conflictual framework and towards a collaborative effort to find a solution, which is successful in most conflicts of interest.


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