Staff Motivation from Senior Management Viewpoint

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The first motivational issue I would like to talk about is inconsistent expectations or demands. From my previous experience, a supervisor who does not set explicit standards for workers or gives ambiguous feedback creates a work setting in which motivation problems can arise. Lack of appropriate feedback may indicate that the supervisor does not take care of job completion. This can exacerbate motivation problems and worsen the situation of slowing down workforce production. Knowing what can cause this motivational issue helps me in my professional development to communicate and build business processes with my employees effectively.

Unavailability of facilities to perform tasks can also cause difficulties with employee motivation. Staff feel unappreciated because the employer or manager does not supply the required resources for consistent operation. Lack of organizational facilities for soliciting supplementary materials or equipment can aggravate the issue and decrease staff motivation even further. Knowing this and being experienced in such situations will help the organization to function because, with it, the organization will avoid shortages of appropriate materials and hence can avoid problems with employee motivation.

The third motivation issue is the lack of personal business investment. Workers feel better motivated and accomplish higher levels of performance when the employer or supervisor takes a sincere personal concern for their perception of the enterprise. A manager or owner who does not take the employee’s opinion into account risks creating a climate in which the worker has no interest in the success of the company other than receiving a salary. Knowing this has helped me in my personal development, as maintaining my interest and active involvement will help me achieve my goals more quickly.