Motivation Among Employees: Examples of Success and Failure

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Employee Motivation

It goes without saying that motivation of employees within the framework of human resource management is immeasurably important for any business’s growth and development. Although motivational tools depend on organizational structure, culture, and operational procedures, traditional ones include employees’ professional development, financial incentives, efficient conflict management, and attention to employees’ needs, personal characteristics, and inner sources of motivation (Kirilina & Panina, 2017). A competent manager understands the importance of motivating and taking care of employees to increase their retention and productivity (Module Notes). Web search dedicated to the identification of the companies which succeed and fail to create a comfortable environment for workers has demonstrated that successful organizations are proud of their human resource strategies as it is possible to find many examples. In turn, there is no clear information concerning the companies that experience failures.

A Successful Company

Hyatt may be regarded as an example of a successful company unusual in its sphere where managers pay particular attention to employees’ motivation. To be precise, it focuses on the retention of experienced and skilled workers through their empowerment and constant development. For instance, it runs regular culinary competitions for its chefs with substantial rewards for winners (Kashyap, 2018). However, it is not remuneration that motivates employees foremost; people value their job and stay longer when they feel they are respected, they grow professionally, and they have an opportunity to express their talents (Arthur, 2015).

A Company Which Failed

As previously mentioned, companies reluctantly share their failures, however, information may be found in an indirect way. A lack of motivation leads to employee dissatisfaction and high turnover rates. Thus, looking for the lists of companies with the highest turnover, it is possible to define when managers do not motivate employees. For instance, Ross experiences a lack of organization and empty sections in shops due to a permanent lack of employees, predominantly due to low salaries (Tzikas, 2021). In other words, the company is not interested in motivating, developing, and understanding its employees; it simply offers particular conditions ignoring workers’ needs and replaces them if they do not accept them.


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