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It is undoubtedly essential to pay much attention to such issues as perception, diversity, and performance management, as they significantly affect work performance. Firstly, if employees positively perceive their jobs, organizations’ chances to be successful will be high. Therefore, managers must work diligently to ensure that workers receive a number of favorable impressions and are satisfied during the time spent at the office. Employees’ perception largely influences their behavior in either a positive or negative way. For example, if it is positive, they can be extremely productive, effectively communicate with their colleagues, and pursue high quality. In contrast, if it is negative, they can be unproductive and maintain low quality.

Importantly, diversity may considerably improve work performance if effectively managed. Gomez and Bernet (2019) analyzed multiple studies and concluded that there are positive associations between diversity, financial performance, and quality. It is evident that people coming from diverse backgrounds have different ideas and can propose innovative solutions. It may play a critical role when it comes to creative tasks, such as product development or entering new markets; thus, managers should be aware of its significance.

Finally, it is vital to monitor and then evaluate employees’ performance in order to achieve better results. The acquired information from these activities can primarily help in designing approaches for improving performance. Managers and workers need to collaborate to be able to perform to the best of their abilities and maintain high quality. Even though performance management is a gradual, complex, and challenging process, the possible outcomes are worth all the time and effort investments. In general, if managers succeed in addressing such issues as perception, diversity, and performance management effectively, organizations are likely to reach ambitious goals. Hence, it is vital to deal with the issues properly but not neglect them.


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