Meddevco Firm’s Human Resource Information Systems

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Since Meddevco is a large company, it should have designed a single HRIS in all its subsidiaries to avoid inconsistencies. Moreover, the company should have taken into account that SABA is not a part of PeopleSoft. Switching to a different training management system led to data compatibility and exchange issues. Therefore, in order to avoid such problems, it would be more effective for the company to implement the training management system belonging to a single owner.

Since TMS is designed for employees, it was important to ensure their involvement in the implementation of the system. Understanding how it works and how they could benefit from using it, employees could be more motivated to work on their profiles. In the situation of Meddevco, it would be appropriate to organize learning sessions to familiarize employees with TMS. Singh and Chaturvedi (2020) underline the importance of defining specific parameters for measuring performance and setting targets. These aspects can also be explained to workers and demonstrated in the system. Workers’ recommendations and feedback regarding the design of TMS could also be taken into account, which would increase their involvement and facilitate the use of the system.

it is difficult to adapt HRIS to the national legislation of its subsidiaries. Therefore, the solution can be the centralization of all HR tools. At the same time, it is too complicated to implement a single system in one country. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to centralize HRIS according to the region, for example, in Europe for all European subsidiaries. In this case, it would take less time and effort to adapt the company’s HR tools to national legislation.


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