Selecting the Right Leadership Style: Why the Transformational Approach Is the Superior One

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Choosing an appropriate leadership style that will allow one to meet the needs of the target demographic and the established goals may be a very complicated task. The approach to leadership defines the direction in which a team progresses, which means that a poorly selected framework may cause the team to fail to reach the set objectives. Although each leadership framework has the potential to be suitable for a particular setting, the Transformational Leadership style seems to fit my current leadership goals since it allows focusing on innovation and continuous leaning.

Imagining myself as an employee, I will have to admit that the leadership style that I would least prefer from my hypothetical supervisor would be the Authoritarian one. Offering little to no flexibility, the described leadership approach restricts decision-making creativity, and initiative, which will minimize my motivation rates. As a result, I will deliver the results of lower quality and will be discouraged from attempting any professional development. Although I realize that there might be situations in which using the Authoritarian Leadership style will help to solve a particular problem, I would prefer not to observe it in the workplace regularly.

Although the Transformational Leadership style is currently my preferred approach, I believe that it is likely to change over years as I gain more experience and apply new strategies and tools to enhance my selected leadership framework (Leadershipahoy!). Presently, I hope to reach the state of the Visionary Leadership style when I gain enough experience and acquire the necessary competences (EPM). Thus, I will be able not only to lad and aspire participants, encouraging their development and improvement, but also introduce innovations into the leadership process. Thus, as a senior-level leader, I will combine the elements of the Visionary and Transformational Leadership styles to encourage innovation and professional development within my team.

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