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There exists a distinct difference between leadership and management, but both can coexist. Leadership can be defined as guiding teams by showing direction, whereas management ensures the teams stick to the plan or the route map provided by the leader. In some instances, one can be a leader and a manager at the same time. According to Selvarajah et al. (2020), managerial leadership is a concept in today’s business setup whereby managers make important decisions and ensure they are implemented. Thus, for one to play both roles, they must provide direction and ensure conformity to those directives.

Few personalities in the business world have played the role of leader and manager successfully. A good example is Kevin Plank, the founder and executive chairman of sportswear manufacturing giant Under Armour Inc. Plank has foreseen the growth of Under Armour from a startup business in a basement to a multibillion corporation that is among the best sportswear companies in the world. Plank showcases qualities of leadership and management in his role as the executive chairman. Plank can spot gaps by attending college games and sports issues with the shorts and immediately offers solutions to improve future products. Manager’s role involves problem-solving and controlling while leadership influences (Connolly et al., 2017). Plank exhibits both characteristics through his engagements with teams to find solutions to problems and influence through his character.

Therefore, it is clear to note that leaders can also be managers once they master how to play both roles. Becoming a good leader should provide a sense of direction, have a vision, and motivate the team towards achieving goals. Moreover, with a combination of management skills such as planning, organizing, and problem-solving, one can easily be a leader and manager at the same time.


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