Yorktown Systems Project: Veterans’ Transition to Civilian Workforce

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WordCloud for the Yorktown Systems Group Article

WordCloud for the Yorktown Systems Group Article

The word cloud above is a representation of the keywords used in the article “Yorktown Systems Group Succeeding with Military Mentality at its Core”. The word cloud has highlighted the most emphasized words in the article. As the article mostly specializes in the military issues, most of the words highlighted belong to the field. This part is composed of an analysis the highlighted words in the word cloud.

The boldest word in the word cloud is “military”. Military refers to a group of people who serve in the armed forces to protect their country. Military is most bold in the worldcloud since the article’s author talks about a company established to aid people who have served in the military gain extra training to advance their protection. Other words that associated with military in the wordcloud include soldier, battlefield, veteran, army and success.

After “Military”, the next boldest word in the wordcloud is Yorktown. This is the town where Nick Fuller, a retired Soldier, started his company, Yorktown Systems Group (2021). The company aims at equipping veterans with the skills and tools that they require to achieve success in the battlefield. The word Yorktown can be associated with other words in the word cloud such as clients, company, business, training, systems, Fuller, and Dyer.

The word “spouses” is also visible in the word cloud and in the article. A spouse is a marriage or engagement partner. In the article, the word spouse is mentioned for about three times when emphasizing adaptability and support. Other words associated with spouses in the word cloud include adaptability, working, support, depend and role.

Study Research Questions in Relation to WordCloud

Can the adoption of a military mindset of Post-9/11 era veterans impact the company culture?

The introduction of those who served during the period of post 9/11 era veterans into a business ensures operations change in a new perspective. The veterans have PTSD, a military mindset that is guided by discipline and integrity. Goss (2020) believes that veterans are likely to acquire leadership skills during their training, which translates to them becoming leaders in a company. Also, veterans acquire teamwork and cooperation skills on the battlefield, which makes them good team players. As such, the hiring of post 9/11 era veterans can significantly change a business’s culture.

What are common competitive advantages does businesses achieve through the hiring of specifically Post-9/11 era veterans?

Moreover, veterans are ex-soldiers in the United States military who underwent strict training before they joined the force. According to Stern (2017) the training equips veterans with special skills that provide them with a competitive advantage over civilians. Some of the veterans’ special skills include leadership qualities, teamwork skills, integrity, discipline, and the ability to learn fast. Hiring a veteran promotes cooperation in the workplace due to their coordination skills.

Does the intentional hiring of Post-9/11 veterans an effective practice from a human resource perspective?

Additionally, the primary objective of a human resource manager is to maximize output derived from employees. Goss (2020) suggests that during the hiring process, employees are expected to display their competence according to the job offer. Veterans should be offered an opportunity to equally compete with civilians for a vacant position. Hiring a veteran is an effective strategy from a human resource point of view if they pass a posed interview.

Table 1: Dedoose Analysis Results

Dedoose Analysis Results


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