Employee Job Satisfaction: Ways to Improve

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Employee satisfaction is an essential part of a company’s productivity and has been a hot topic today. Shetrone (2018), in her article 7 Ways to improve employee satisfaction, writes about the key points that supervisors should consider when interacting with their subordinates. The team atmosphere, attitude towards the management, and the work process are significant aspects that affect its performance, profitability, success, and many other factors.

After reading and reflecting on the article under study, it was possible to identify many overlaps with the chapter passed. The main one was the key points that affect employee satisfaction: work environment, control, work-life balance, stress, communication, and others. Both resources emphasized the need to enable employees to work remotely, make business meetings more efficient and value each other’s time. Employees should have a balance in their lives between work and personal time. Also, communication among colleagues, among themselves and with superiors, is essential. Equally important is health: the management must monitor and educate each employee about his or her stress level. Thus, for an attractive working atmosphere, the chiefs must pay attention to many factors.

Although the article is much the same as the chapter that was passed, some differences have been identified. However, these differences relate more to the presentation and depth of the material than to the substance. The article presents information briefly and succinctly on each of the methods considered to increase employee satisfaction. After each rule, there is also a hyperlink for more in-depth reading. Chapter 4 goes deeper into the topic, including social media, expert opinions, pictures, links, diagrams, and real-life examples. The chapter also raises psychological contract, affective commitment, and personality traits, which are not covered in the online article. The chapter presents the information in greater depth, discussed it from different angles, and has a more engaging format. This approach breaks up the routine of learning and makes learning a new topic more interesting.

Both resources analyzed share a common thought and idea: employee satisfaction is a priority for any manager. It is crucial not only to consider market conditions, economics, budgets, and marketing policies but also to its employees’ primary resources. This approach is fundamental for the successful promotion of a business. The fastest and surest way to understand the needs of your subordinates is to ask them themselves.


Shetrone, A. (2018). 7 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction. Inc. Web.