The Essence of Data Validity in Research

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Validity determines the accuracy of the applied method in the measuring of the intended outcome. Research with high validity generates results that are in line with the real characteristics and properties in the social or physical world. High reliability implies that a given measure is valid and can help ensure quality and informed decisions (Yamana et al., 2017). This paper intends to explain why obtaining valid data is imperative to the decision making process.

Valid data is an important and valuable resource that enables companies, publishers, marketers, and agencies to make the right decision. Quality and valid data are essential and enable marketers to make the right purchasing decisions. It explains the real situation in the market and supports justifiable and informed decision-making. Inaccurate data influences incorrect conclusions, as it is associated with many problems (Yamana et al., 2017).

On the contrary, valid data is usually complete and has no gaps in it meaning that it contains all the necessary details. Skipping certain questions when conducting a survey can hinder the gathering of accurate information and compromise subsequent decisions. Provision of the necessary information accurately avails all the necessary inputs to make beneficial conclusion. Valid data is also relevant and useful for the intended purpose when making organizational choices (Yamana et al., 2017). Effective judgments depend on the correct range of data, the right format, and the correct type.

Valid data generates accurate data that is necessary for the making of the right decision. It is complete, relevant, consistent, accurate, and provides all the necessary details to enhance understanding and making of the real decision. This makes valid data an important tool that enables managers to consider all the necessary factors before making their conclusions. Without valid data, it is difficult to make any reliable decision since it would be marked with many errors.


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