Flint’s Planning Strategy Case

Subject: Employee Management
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The article “Manager as a person” concerns the overview of activity performed by Deborah Ale Flint, the CEO of Los Angeles World Airport. This manager has begun her work in a company that has already successfully launched some projects to execute. Flint’s responsibilities include maintaining contact with the city government and local community to ensure accurate planning and implementing strategy, which affected her vision of the work. She plans projects so that visitors of Los Angeles received the most remarkable impression of the city (Jones & George, 2010). Thus, the short passage explores the personal perspective of management of one definite person.

The article corresponds to the matters described in the chapter as well as links to the reality of management nowadays. As such, this report revealed more specific information about planning in large corporations and the role of the CEO in the process of strategy implementation. Moreover, projects’ place and purpose in an organization are demonstrated. The particulars of the CEO’s work are illustrative of the complex responsibilities of managers in the modern world. Not only should a manager operate data and create strategies, but communicate with related communities as well. This instance clarifies the demand for multiskilled employees coming from the current market. In brief, the column is relatively informative about the world of strategic management as its today.

Finally, the article presents a range of essential details from which some concepts could be learned. For example, the information concerning the airport operations designed in beforehand carefully planned projects reveals new knowledge on the work of airports. Furthermore, it guides an understanding of ambitious strategies developed by the firm to create a substantial competitive advantage. Hence, the article is helpful for comprehension of management and planning in practice.


Jones, G., & George, J. (2010). Essentials of contemporary management (4th ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.