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Both management and organization are the key contributors to any kind of business. They are aimed at ensuring that in any organization or business set up work together towards the achievement of certain goals. It deals with business planning as well as organizing other duties such as recruitment. Management involves the innovations of using technology on human and natural resources towards making profits and attaining set goals.

Management is, therefore, very essential in all types of organizations be it marketing or accounting fields. All organizations need to have managers to help in organizing the ways that the business will be run. Management helps prevent some problems in workplace or any other organization for that matter. Poor management is known to be major cause of delay in service delivery in many fields of organizations. A well managed organization is always sure of a faithful customer base which is a very important aspect for nay business to grow. Studying management is therefore important in that it helps individual managers work towards the best services towards the success of an organization as well as informing other individuals relating to organizations on its importance so that they may even be in a position to advice others on its necessity.

Anyone planning to specialize in management as a career will profit much by studying the basics of management and organization. This is because it forms a firm foundation for the person to grow the management skills. Even for those who are not aspiring to be professional managers, studying management and organization would be of great help to them because in every organization there are several departments with different managers. An employee may be given the responsibility of managing a certain department and without having learned the basics; it would be very difficult for anyone to accomplish the task as effective as expected. Studying management helps employees with managerial duties and employers who are their own managers in organizing and planning the running of their businesses. Basically, studying management lays the foundation for anyone wishing to start up a business. It helps one discover the importance of setting goals as a guideline towards succeeding in business (Baille 1).

Studying organization which in most cases is part of the managerial responsibilities is equally important because it helps one organize and plan well all the operations of a business. Such duties involve making decisions that would help the business achieve its goals and objectives. Such decisions include who does what, how and when. Organizing a business day to day operation is not an easy task and it requires a professional or at least someone with the basic ideas on organizing a business. A poorly organized business can never be successful most thing are likely to be done in the wrong way or at the incorrect time. For instance, service delays in many businesses result from poor organization of the workplace. Studying organization skills enables one to start up a business and organize it without the need to hire someone to do the job. This way, salary expenditures are reduced (Braxton 1).

Management and organization skills are beneficial to anyone venturing into any kind of business. It does not necessarily mean that one has to be planning to be a manager in order to study management. Management skills are also beneficial in other aspects of life including families.

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